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The Urinals at Mirage Have Marble Drink Holders!

Posted by CanadianCrapsShooter

Canadiancrapsshooter was kind enough to pass on a list - with multimedia component - of goofy things he observed *while drunk* in Las Vegas last week. Take it away canadiancrapsshooter :

On our recent trip to Vegas, Mrs. CrapShooter and I noticed a number of things that we found quite interesting. The following is a list that we wrote on my smart phone while stumbling up and down the strip. You might notice a large percentage of bathroom thoughts, this is unintentional. I guess we just spent a lot of time in them. The list is heavily edited because, quite frankly, the notes I took didn't make a whole lot of sense after the fact. If you are interested in seeing the unedited list, complete with awful spelling, send me an @richardspence message on Twitter.

Disclaimer: The Mrs. and I have only been to Vegas a few times in the last 3 years. We are by no means Vegas experts. Some of the things that we noticed could have quite possibly been around for a while, this was just the first time we saw them. There are also some of our opinions in this list. If you don't agree with something here, leave a comment and explain your piece.

Now without further ado, on to the list.

  • The steel ceiling tiles at the Miracle Mile Shops suck.
  • The Casino Royale bathrooms smell exactly like Australian Gold tanning lotion. While there, take advantage of the $1 Michelobs and margaritas (We sure did).
  • The bathrooms at the Mirage:
    1) Have a marble shelf above urinal to hold your drink.
    2) Have a nifty black foam splash guard in the urinals.
  • TIP: Carry a bottle opener around with you at all times. I can't count the number of times I used mine while buying beers at the Grand Canyon Experience/ABC Store.
  • Please, please, please put the moving walkways back at the Mirage.
  • The Forum Shops have some nice padded couches.
  • Also from Forum Shops, is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing? (Roll your mouse over the image)

  • It's sad that the Star Trek Experience is leaving. I'm glad I got a chance to try a Warp Core Breach and a Borg Sphere.
  • The urinals at Circus Circus are kinda high off the ground for the clientele.
  • Circus Circus has a Frogger and a Donkey Kong machine upstairs...nice!
  • Palazzo scent > Venetian scent.
  • The Venetian food court has some nice chairs.
  • Manual paper towel dispensers are much better than the automatic 6 inch at a time bullshit ones.
  • BLT Burger looks like a very nice place (we didn't get a chance to eat there).
  • MGM Grand Stage Deli sells black and white cake patties that they call cookies. They are kinda good, but buy a milk.
  • Mandalay Bay has a distinct lack of restrooms.
  • Automatic soap dispensers are nice.
  • If you own a casino in Vegas, have a tattoo shop move in. All the cool kids are doing it.
  • Rather than fixing the cracks in the sidewalk at the Bellagio, they just painted them green to look like vines. It's a neat idea, but really didn't turn out very well.
  • Pornslappers are now carrying large illuminated signs are their backs. As if they weren't annoying enough.

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Comments & Discussion

looks to me like you've got a toilet/urinal fetish... freak!

Pornslappers with the huge illuminated signs? That's awesome....yeah that Vince Neil Ink that's in O'Sheas looks gross....O'Sheas is gross.........but Mario Barth (Starlight Tattoo in Mandalay) is just doing it because he's rich....he's not that great of an artist.....

FYI. The washroom photo was taken in the Forum Shops. Down the tiny little hallway beside the Festival Fountain (the first one you come to walking in from the strip).

BLT burger is a nice place to have lunch

The bathrooms at Forum Shops reflect the fact that women be seated while men stand

The restrooms at Casino Royale usually smell fo urine, barf and spilled margaritas

PS I consider the pornslapper an unique part of Vegas, I cannot even imagine Vegas without them.

OK now wait a minute... When you say ">" the venetian, do you mean that it is "superior in that it's not so completely offensive a scent AS FOUND IN the Venetian", or do you mean it's "seemingly more powerful in an aesthetic sense", or do you mean it's "even more likely to make me puke?" Because, dude, NO CASINO ON EARTH reeks of whatever perfumey crap that is as badly as the Venetian -I can't even go in the joint anymore - and if the Palazzo is experiencing it (and I have been there and it doesn't compare to my olfactory sense!) it is only minor bleed thru from the hallway that leads into the P from the V that allows the vile odor to escape and torture the newfound wealth of the Sheldon's latest dalliance.

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