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MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel Room Review -  Bed

Das Bed

The bed - a reasonably comfortable pillow topped mattress - features an astonishing number of pillows, perfect for the pillow freak in all of us. The linens are soft, comfortable, and spotless. The comforter looks like it might have been part of a bulk purchase with sister property TI, as they appear to be virtually identical, save color of pin striping. Oh, and the beds at TI are infinitely more comfortable.

Despite being stocked to the gills with plush linens 'n things, sleeping at MGM Grand was supremely uncomfortable. For reasons unknown, the room atmosphere at MGM Grand is incredibly dry. Mrs. Mo and I both woke up in the middle of both nights thinking we were catching a flu, when in actuality our sinuses and entire respiratory system had dehydrated. This was way beyond the normal alcohol/desert dehydration syndrome which usually attacks the brain, eyes and mouth. This was something else altogether. Obviously, Las Vegas is a desert, you need to drink water, lots of it if you wish to survive or thrive here.

Both sides of the bed are flanked by marble topped end tables which sported digital clock, hotel phone, note pad & pen and a the Gideon's Vegas Version. The lamp in the dark there was broken.

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The only room I've ever stayed in at MGM was a bungalow suite and that thing was pretty pimp. The bathroom in it was huge.
You're room didn't look to bad, but the lamps not working would've made me mad. Nothing like sitting in a dark room. They're in need of a re-vamp though and the permanent marker on the wall outside was just tacky.

Coupla years ago me and the significant other stayed in a West Wing room, and WOW!! Best bed I've been on, shower big enuff for two (or three, or four) big flat screen tv, not an armoire in site and really clean, all the time. The only problem was the hallway, it felt like a mile from our room (Strip side) to the elevators. Plus you had to go thru the tile, then the regular carpet then the hallway got dark, mirrored and kinda creepy. I'd stay there again tho, great service and a great pool too!!!

Same type of problems for me last trip. Stayed in a West wing room, with 2 out of 4 lights not working. In addition, the remote control for the TV had bad batteries, which I just stole the batteries from the bathroom remote. Someone still needs to tell me what the fascination is with a tv in your bathroom mirror. But anyway, also found socks in the dresser drawer, maybe there are some footware elves that steal from tourists and redeposit them after the maids are gone for the day.

MGM has some of the most comfortable beds on the strip.

I have to disagree with you guys on this aspect of the review. I loved the beds so much I actually called down & tried to find out exactly what mattress they use.

In retrospect now as I stumbled across this review. I have to add, I hold every bed in Vegas up to the awesomeness of the West Wing bed.

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