MGM Grand Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2008

Photos and Video of MGM Grand Las Vegas' Standard Rooms

Posted by Chuckmonster

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel Room Review -  Hall

Obligatory Hallway Vertigo Photo

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel Room Review -  DoorWith a hotel of this size, it's really easy to lose ones bearings. Fortunately the center "hub" in the landing vestibules feature backlit celebrity photos which face down each hall spoke. Instead of looking around at each number plate and deciphering which hallway our room was on, we knew by the gigantic photo of Frank Sinatra which way to go.

You'll probably notice that part of the hallway is carpeted and part is marble floor. For the life of me, I couldn't - and still can't - figure out a logical reason why this is so, so I'll chock it down to aesthetics.

The doors to the room also feature small brass squares with the MGM Lion printed on them pasted to the corners of the door jambs. Again, I'll file this cheap and tacky looking piece of useless filigree under designers choice.

The door knob has a vertical card slider thingy rather than the horizontal card insertion thingy, both of which blow chunks compared to the card waver thingy that some of the newer hotels have been using, like the ultra swanky Crown Macau.

Before we get too far into poking around the room, allow me to remind you that one of our often-imitated-but-never-duplicated video walkthroughs is on the last page of the review. Hopefully the video will give you a better idea about dimensions, layout and other details that inform your travel decisions. Lastly, be sure to check out our listing of coupon codes and discounts when it comes time to do your booking, they should save you a few bucks.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel Room Review -  Room

Upon entry, the bathroom is directly to the left with the bed, sofa, desk and entertainment center arranged clockwise in the main room. The room appears to be smaller than it actually is, at least as compared to comparable rooms using some of the newer space saving design techniques and technology.

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Comments & Discussion

The only room I've ever stayed in at MGM was a bungalow suite and that thing was pretty pimp. The bathroom in it was huge.
You're room didn't look to bad, but the lamps not working would've made me mad. Nothing like sitting in a dark room. They're in need of a re-vamp though and the permanent marker on the wall outside was just tacky.

Coupla years ago me and the significant other stayed in a West Wing room, and WOW!! Best bed I've been on, shower big enuff for two (or three, or four) big flat screen tv, not an armoire in site and really clean, all the time. The only problem was the hallway, it felt like a mile from our room (Strip side) to the elevators. Plus you had to go thru the tile, then the regular carpet then the hallway got dark, mirrored and kinda creepy. I'd stay there again tho, great service and a great pool too!!!

Same type of problems for me last trip. Stayed in a West wing room, with 2 out of 4 lights not working. In addition, the remote control for the TV had bad batteries, which I just stole the batteries from the bathroom remote. Someone still needs to tell me what the fascination is with a tv in your bathroom mirror. But anyway, also found socks in the dresser drawer, maybe there are some footware elves that steal from tourists and redeposit them after the maids are gone for the day.

MGM has some of the most comfortable beds on the strip.

I have to disagree with you guys on this aspect of the review. I loved the beds so much I actually called down & tried to find out exactly what mattress they use.

In retrospect now as I stumbled across this review. I have to add, I hold every bed in Vegas up to the awesomeness of the West Wing bed.

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