TI Treasure Island : The VegasTripping Review 2008

Review, Photos and Video Walkthrough of the New Rooms at TI Treasure Island

Posted by Chuckmonster

TI Treasure Island Las Vegas Review ChaiseCouches have always been an afterthought in standard size hotel rooms. Very often a love seat is tossed into a corner where it fits, out of direct sight line for the TV, out of reach of lighting, blocking access to windows and/or in the direct line of fire or blocking the flow of air conditioning. Tall folks know all too well that reclining on these thoughtless offerings is a supremely uncomfortable experience.

TI solves these many problems with an extremely long chaise lounge, angled with direct view of the TV, within comfortable conversation distance with another person who might be lounging on the bed. The chair is located a few feet away from the iPod dock, a floor lamp (positioned perfectly for reading) and doesn't block off access to the window or air flow from the AC. Additionally a small round cocktail table with bar service fittings is ready at hand without crowding or obstructing access to the window.

This is the lounge/couch set up I've always wanted in a hotel room. The layout has no blinking bells or design whistles, just a deceptively simple design which has thought through nearly every scenario of guest usage and solved them all cleanly, elegantly and quietly. Is it comfortable? Is everything I need at hand? Do I need to move furniture to do stuff that I need to do? Will I clunk my shin on sharp table corners when smashed of half asleep?

TI Treasure Island Las Vegas Review Entertainment Center

The custom built entertainment center is an all in one desk, tv, mirror, dresser and internet station. The dresser features a glass counter space - perfect for unloading pockets of Vegas debris and organizing the many gadgets that need to be recharged. One minor complaint is the number of easily accessible power outlets (there's one AC outlet next to the ethernet jack behind the desk lamp). Since TI is located so close to the Sands Expo center, they are bound to get a lot of conventioneers who would rather not charge overpriced Venetian rooms to the corp expense account. As a result, it would probably be smart to increase the number and type of electrical outlets for global gadget carrying travelers. One outlet will power 1 laptop... what about the personal phone, the business Blackberry, the camera dock or a battery recharger? It's never a bad idea to have too many outlets in easily accessible areas.

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Comments & Discussion

Great, informative review as usual. I am staying at a Petite Suite in late-September and I was interested to read about the results of the remodeling. TI has always been one of my favorite Strip resorts, particularly for it's location. The one drawback was the prevalence of 6/5 single deck 21 in the casino which is a game I will not play. Good to hear that it's being phased out.

TI looks much better than I expected. In fact, it looks great! I'm disappointed they didn't put in new safes large enough for a laptop. I'd opt for the Petite Suite at probably not much more money.

wow. surprising, and very good to know. i'll bump this up on the list for the next trip. i'm still kinda surprised by it but it's great to know. it does look very comfortable.

@detroit - the petite suites are pretty nice over all, and quite spacious. MGM Mirage ran a week long $50 upgrade deal for the Petite Suites not so long ago. you really do get a lot of bang for the buck with the new designs.

So if you were in a hotel crisis like I am right now (between Mirage and TI) which would you rather stay at?
The only reason I'm leaning toward Mirage is because I can get a tower room for the same price I can a regular room and Mirage's rooms look like they have bigger windows and whatnot. TI's prices are about $60 cheaper for the 5 days I'm going on (which isn't that big of a deal).
I've always stayed at the south end of the strip (Excalibur and MGM) so this will be new to be staying where all the action is

As usual, a very detailed, thorough review by Chuckmonster. Thanks for all that great info. TI is nothing like I thought it would be. It looks very inviting.

Whoa! Where did you get your information regarding the trademark / name change? That's incorrect. The corporate name for TI is still "Treasure Island Corp." a wholly owned subsidiary of MGM MIRAGE. The resort was previously marketed as "Treasure Island at The Mirage" for obvious reasons. However, the "TI" moniker was introduced in 2003 simply for branding purposes in the new logo and marquee on the strip to promote the more contemporary and adult nature of the property after all the changes were made. Using the "TI" had nothing to do with any issues regarding the Indian gaming resort in MN with a similar name. FYI

@vegasDV the story of the TI copyright case is here : http://www.indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=850

Also referencing background information on TI/Mirage Resorts in John L. Smith's Steve Wynn bio "Running Scared." Do you think we should start putting footnotes in features?

I don't believe that I stated that the name change was a result of the lawsuit. From all the research I did for the article, I found no references for whatever settlement came out of it. If you've got the goods, email us!

Daaaaamn! Call 'em out Chuckmonster! Tell 'em they better come correct!

Great information . We are staying at the TI in September for the first time since the removal of the "pirate" theme.

I am staying at TI when i come back to Vegas in Dec. This review helped me make the choice. I usually stay closer to the center of the Strip but thought it was time for a change of pace.

I think TI is one of the best values on the strip and prefer its location and size over many resorts that others consider superior properties like Mandalay Bay.

Just out of curiosity Chuck, what were the oddball requests you made at check-in?

@_justJoey i needed a late check out and some other stuff i can't mention. :P

The beg. of Feb. my girlfriend and I started what turned out being a 12 night hotel bench. Our goal was to find the most comfortable bed on the strip, then buy it for our newly redone bedroom. Started at TI in their elite bed, turns out they have one bed better than the elite. Not exactly sure what room that associates with though. Then ending up going to MGM, Venetian, Planet Hollywood, Trump, Trump (liked that hotel), Excal, Red Rock, Mirage, Wynn, Westin, Ceasar, etc. Of all the strip we liked the Elite bed at TI and the Heavenly Bed at Westin. I agree they have a quality hotel that I feel is better than the big boys of Trump, Venetian, Wynn etc. I also felt that wow feeling when I woke up. Kinda surprised with how well you ended up sleeping feeling. Need more of those nights.

I stumbled upon this just in time. I'll be heading out there in less than 3 weeks and I was a little worried staying at a property I know little about. But your review has put me at ease. I've got a Petite Suite booked and I'm hoping to get into a Tower Suite upon arrival. Excellent review as always.

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