Vegas Eats: Hooters

Michael Mina? Delmonicos? Cut? Nah, We'll Go To Hooters

Posted by Miss Monkay

Vegas Eats : Hooters @ Hooters Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

The wings arrived after a good long wait of 30 minutes (our local hot wings joint has those babies out to us within 10 minutes, easy.) She placed them in front of me and I nearly gasped. WTF are these things?


Hooters Onion Rings

I was in utter shock. That is when it hit me. Not once did I see the term 'Buffalo' on the menu. What I saw was 'wings', plain and simple. It had never occurred to me that wings can come in other forms.

Disgusted, I picked one up and took a bite. Crispy, yes. Dry? Sadly, yes. Spicy? No, not really. There *did* seem to be some sort of hotness that was attached to the wings via the breading, but honestly, not enough to warrant the small ramekin of blue cheese that sat next to my wings. Disappointed, I only managed to finish about half of the order before pushing them away with disgust. Never have I been so dissatisfied with a meal.

We paid $50 for this mess of a meal, worked our way out of the joint and back over to the Trop to meet up with our friends.

After all that build up of our fancy meal in Vegas, after all of our requests for suggestions, I am sorry to tell you folks that we let you down. We ate at Hooters, and it was gross.

The trip did have a happy food ending, by the way. We had breakfast at Bouchon the next morning, where I had dessert after breakfast, a delicious coffee and it was divine.

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Yeah, this Hooters does not have hot waitresses. When I went there our waitress had to ask the bartender if they had Bud Light. I was shocked. That's like the all-around beer that every bar/restaurant has. Hooters food is just.....not good....and the beer didn't taste any better.
The original Hoots is like 30 minutes from my house.

sucky. i often end up in the same dying-of-hunger mode out of indecision in vegas, and i end up going the long route and eating late and mostly happy. though, poorer for it.

but there's a good question in here: where would you find good buffalo wings in vegas? cause now that i've heard it i think that would be kind of a great pit stop late night...

We ate at Hooters 5 days ago and we too were sadly disappointed. Hubby asked the waitress what kind of beer they had and she could only come up with two names... but from my seat I could see five taps... hmmm... I ordered a margarita. It was $7 for what seemed to be a shooter of margarita mix. Boo hiss, the drinks right on the strip are stronger and bigger for similar money. We did get our wings "naked" so there was no breading but they weren't hot (and we got the 2nd from the hottest sauce). We ordered a philly sandwich to share and it was so so. It filled the void in my stomach and that was about it. And, as far as the waitresses go, I think Hubby and I decided there were only two truly hot ones in the bunch.

@kallileigh is that your real name? it's got a gorgeous ring to it.

Nope, not my real name. It's part of my maiden name and my middle name smushed together. Maybe it'll be my new fake name for Vegas. ;)

Mmm... those wings by your place... sooo good.
I can't understand how a place (in Vegas in this day and age) can serve such crap food. I understand it's Hooters, but come on! Throw some sauce on those bad boys!

The food here is ok---I mean you there are better choices in Vegas for sure. I do love their new ultimate Texas Holdem video game...this is the only place I've seen it and I would definitely go back and play.

I can't believe someone went to Hooters for the food. Whoever wrote this review needs to get out of the house more often... That said, however, this Hooters does not have the best looking girls. There are many others around the country far better. But the food is always the same.

The thing that bugs me about the Hooters inside the Hooters Hotel and Casino is that is closes at something like 10 or 11 on should be the 24 hour a day hot spot in that joint..the food is ok..I have a Hooters Mastercard so I use it there for the points value..but I expected hotter girls and a larger space...

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