Well Seasoned : Joseph Hay's Four Seasons Las Vegas Review

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Five Diamond Award Winning Four Seasons Las Vegas

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Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Amenities

The free toiletries are nice, all of them L'Occitane branded, but a bit limited, with only the basic soap, shampoo, conditioner, wash gel and lotion. A glass cup with a metal lid contains various cotton products, some of which I am still making use of back at home. The piece de resistance is the digital scale with which you can keep a factual record of how much you're gorging yourself at the buffets.

Finally, there is a strange three shelf alcove to the right of the entrance in the bathroom, containing only an brochure for the spa downstairs, three towels of diminishing size, and a hair dryer. Although these shelves are not entirely useless, it really seemed like they didn't know what to do with them, much like the cabinet next to the mini fridge.

The twin room was almost identical to the king room, with the following differences (besides being a mirror image of it): no canopies; no bench; only one nightstand in between the two beds; the TV was in an armoire with closet space in it; the safe was next the fridge instead of in the larger closet; the art was different. Everything else was the same.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Amenities

Our view was not terrible: in front was THEhotel, including the elevators that zoom straight up to Mix restaurant, to the right was the Luxor pyramid and pool complex, below were various MB structures and parking lots. This would have been pretty drab if it weren't for the essentially beautiful view of the mountains in the background. When your entire hotel is as elevated as Four Seasons Las Vegas, none of the views are going to be terrible.

In general, the rooms are, indeed, pretty cushy. Although the overall effect is subtle, there is that difference in the marble floors, the extra mirrors, the extra shelves and drawers everywhere, the gentle, unassuming color scheme and - most of all - little amenities here and there that remind you that Four Seasons has the patent on customer service. Four Seasons depends a lot on repeat business- clients who won't stay at any other brand of hotel- and though I'm not one of them, I don't think they'd be dissatisfied. I get the impression that everything has been styled appropriately to feel familiar. For the more casual hotel guest, unfamiliar with Four Seasons style, I would say this place successfully provides relaxed and old-school elegance that would make a nice contrast with the constantly shifting trends of the rest of the Strip. The entire place has the feel of a spa.

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good review - kind of underwhelming for a four seasons property (my only basis being the LA properties) but i do like the idea of a quiet secluded spot on the strip. i wonder - does it make sense though to most visitors? in other words, does this hotel have a future, given the location/trend for strip real estate...

the four seasons consistently gets five diamond/pavillion/star ratings and does pretty good business as well. honestly, i thought the rooms were underwhelming and a bit boring. however if the point is to create a 'non-strip atmosphere' as Joseph implies, then it's appropriate... as is one of his final thoughts about probably not recommending the joint to folks.

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