Well Seasoned : Joseph Hay's Four Seasons Las Vegas Review

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Five Diamond Award Winning Four Seasons Las Vegas

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Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Desk

The desk area did not impress me that much at first: a relatively long table extends from the wall under a mirror. On the table is a hotel service directory, and in the drawer under the table is a map of the Four Seasons Las Vegas facilities at the bottom of the tower, as well as a lone pencil. Two armless chairs with cushy leather upholstery face each other. To the right of the chair facing out the window is a small table complete with a phone, internet jack and stationary pad attached to a holder that weighs approximately 40 metric tons. I guess it's not only supposed to keep the stationary from running away, but can also serve as a fitness device for when you're using the internet for long stretches of time. In the end I liked the desk area; the seats were easy on the old gluteus and the table was pretty expansive with all the telecom accoutrements set off on another table.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Minibar

The minibar consists of two cabinets, and a countertop and glass shelf in front of a mirror. It seems pretty standard, but worth noticing is the bottle of Clos du Bois Merlot, wine opener and two wine glasses on the top shelf, the bottle of champagne in the fridge (which was not locked in this room), not to mention the $5.00 box of Four Seasons branded gummi bears in the food basket. There was also a sort of "overflow" cabinet to the right of the fridge that just didn't seem to be used to its full advantage, seeing as there were only a few bottles in it.

» Minibar contents/pricelist spreadsheet (PDF)

Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Closets

Next to the bar are two closets, both with double doors and need-anticipating stop-jamb light switches (very courteous). The left closet contains folding luggage hoppers and three types of hangers for your Armani suit, Chanel dress and Sleeps Well With Others t-shirt respectively. The right closet is home to the iron and ironing board, the standard safe, extra couch pillows, a spray-can of starch, a lint brush and what is easily the largest shoe horn I've ever seen - supposedly long enough so that you don't have to bend or sit down when squeezing into your shoes. They think of everything!

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Comments & Discussion

good review - kind of underwhelming for a four seasons property (my only basis being the LA properties) but i do like the idea of a quiet secluded spot on the strip. i wonder - does it make sense though to most visitors? in other words, does this hotel have a future, given the location/trend for strip real estate...

the four seasons consistently gets five diamond/pavillion/star ratings and does pretty good business as well. honestly, i thought the rooms were underwhelming and a bit boring. however if the point is to create a 'non-strip atmosphere' as Joseph implies, then it's appropriate... as is one of his final thoughts about probably not recommending the joint to folks.

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