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Photos and Video Walkthrough of Five Diamond Award Winning Four Seasons Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

The room is most definitely shaped like a generic strip room, with bathroom to the left, bed waiting just around the corner, T.V. center, desk and sitting area. Key differences are: the soft and soothing color scheme; the double closet; the general quality of the furnishings; the slippers resting on a towel spread out on each side of the bed; and the T.V. emitting soothing sounds from the hotel's Brave New World-like default channel, which alternates between shots of palm trees set to a smooth jazz combo and shots of forest waterfalls set to a Chopin waltz.

For all intents and purposes, it's a Strip hotel room. I think if Four Seasons Las Vegas is, as I think, truly trying to create a non-Strip atmosphere, it would have done well to knock a few walls down here, add an alcove there, and get creative with the shape of the rooms, which seem all-too-familiar. The general décor, however, does do a good job of making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Review : Carpet

The carpet is covered with a vaguely floral (or insect-like?) raised pattern of brown over a gray background. It was relatively thin, but comfortable to walk on, if a little bit too slick for jumping jacks.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Bed

The bed - crowned with a canopy extending from behind the headboard to the ceiling and forward over the bed for about two feet - is nice and comfy, with a big comforter, standard white sheets. They weren't as soft as I was expecting, no fancy Egyptian cotton or anything, but they fit the bill. At the foot of the bed is a really nice cushioned bench for convenient slouching while watching the 42" plasma screen TV.

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good review - kind of underwhelming for a four seasons property (my only basis being the LA properties) but i do like the idea of a quiet secluded spot on the strip. i wonder - does it make sense though to most visitors? in other words, does this hotel have a future, given the location/trend for strip real estate...

the four seasons consistently gets five diamond/pavillion/star ratings and does pretty good business as well. honestly, i thought the rooms were underwhelming and a bit boring. however if the point is to create a 'non-strip atmosphere' as Joseph implies, then it's appropriate... as is one of his final thoughts about probably not recommending the joint to folks.

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