Well Seasoned : Joseph Hay's Four Seasons Las Vegas Review

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Five Diamond Award Winning Four Seasons Las Vegas

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The first thing you notice in Four Seasons Las Vegas is the smell. No coconut perfume. Not that I hate the coconut, but it was just a very noticeable shift. This, above everything else, signified to me that this was a different place. You walk down a hallway with elegant furnishings and a very muted, but light sort of peachy, creamy color scheme that is consistent throughout the hotel. The little adornments everywhere have an Asian look to them, which, combined with the silence, and the interior design, make the place feel like the Asian wing of an art museum. Not bad, actually.

You walk down a fairly dramatic spiral staircase, complete with chandelier and painting from Greek mythology, down to the largely wood-paneled lobby. There you have a noticeably friendly, helpful and intelligent desk and concierge staff waiting for you, as well as some plush chairs and tables, copies of the Wall Street Journal and coffee in the morning. The smaller scale of everything, as compared to other Strip hotels, is really noticeable and a nice relief. It is very homey and you do feel more welcome, with practically no wait at any of the desks. The centerpiece of the front lobby, as well as of the elevator foyer down the hall, is a floral arrangement displayed on a wooden table. The arrangements are more complicated than one normally sees, sometimes pungent, sometimes not, and there is an entirely new display every day. Not used to luxury hotels, I found this pretty fascinating. Another nice touch.

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The high speed elevators are equipped with she-robot voices telling you what floor you've arrived at. The only things of interest on the way to the room were these armoires stationed very so often, adorned with mirrors and urns glued to the tops of tables. Urns that are also glued shut: we tried to open them, hoping to find the fabled remains of Nur-Ha-Ci, but, alas, failed. The room number plates to the right of the doors seem nondescript, but if for some reason you decide to rub them, they have a nice, sandy texture

We had two rooms booked right next to each other, one with a king bed and one with two doubles. I decided to spend time investigating the king room, as the twin room was being used at the time. (Be sure to check out the room walkthrough posted on the last page of the review.)

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good review - kind of underwhelming for a four seasons property (my only basis being the LA properties) but i do like the idea of a quiet secluded spot on the strip. i wonder - does it make sense though to most visitors? in other words, does this hotel have a future, given the location/trend for strip real estate...

the four seasons consistently gets five diamond/pavillion/star ratings and does pretty good business as well. honestly, i thought the rooms were underwhelming and a bit boring. however if the point is to create a 'non-strip atmosphere' as Joseph implies, then it's appropriate... as is one of his final thoughts about probably not recommending the joint to folks.

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