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Photos and Video Walkthrough of Five Diamond Award Winning Four Seasons Las Vegas

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Here's a special treat... a full on review (including video and tons of photos) from reader Joseph Hay, aka joseheno, from his recent stay at Four Seasons Las Vegas. We offer our deepest thanks to Joe for sharing this amazingly detailed and unbelievably witty, informative and entertaining peek into Four Seasons. Take it away Joe...

My girlfriend, three friends and I wanted to head to Vegas in June. Our original plan was to stay at Mandalay Bay because of its pool complex. This fell through when, after weeks of procrastination, we finally got around to discovering that the Bay was booked. So after checking out several of the other hotels we were already familiar with, we noticed that Four Seasons had a pretty generous deal going, offering a free night to a stay of two nights or more. Even though the normal room rates are pretty damn steep at $275 and up, this made the Seasons a more tangible option for a 5-night stay. That, and we would still be able to use Mandalay Bay's pool.

In case anyone doesn't know already, the rooms of Four Seasons Las Vegas are located discreetly on the top five hotel floors of Mandalay Bay, just under the Foundation Room. No glittering marquee touts its existence on the already light-polluted strip- only a hidden porte-cochere on Mandalay Bay's backside and a few convenient and perhaps mysterious guiding signs in the Bay's lobby would tip anyone off to its existence. This is a hotel within a hotel. It's clear that Four Seasons Las Vegas is trying to be a hideaway for the elegant and inconspicuous traveler in a city that is sometimes the former but never the latter.

Visiting the website, I found no clear indication that my friends and I would be able to use the MB pool- barely any mention of this symbiotic relationship is made at all. I had to call the front desk to confirm this important information. I was clearly told that any facility available to an MB guest is available to Four Seasons Las Vegas guests. And no: the reverse is not true.

The word here is exclusive. This is the only truly Strip hotel not to have its own casino. While every other joint in a four mile radius is trying to lure every possible mark in with its tractor-beams of glitter, marketing and the hope of riches, Four Seasons Las Vegas tries to hide its clients from Las Vegas Boulevard. If this resort had a theme, it would be Escape from the Strip. The non-strip Strip hotel.

Four Seasons Las Vegas Review :  Entrance

So we booked the rooms for five nights, although different people from my group of five would be arriving at different times. My girlfriend and I arrived on the second day, not actually having to check in. After a brisk 50-minute walk from McCarran to Excalibur (something I would recommend for the early morning only), a short ride on the free rail tram, and a quick walk through the MB lobby, we found ourselves at the entrance to the forbidden city that is Four Seasons Las Vegas. It's kind of in a back alley to the right of the MB registration desk. I was actually surprised to see the door wide open, unassumingly adorned with the hotel name under its tree logo, flanked by giant vases filled with bamboo (my favorite furnishing). I was thinking, anyone from MB could meander into this veritable Narnia of hotel fantasy, but I would later find out that no one would. There seems to be a psychic force field preventing the crowds and crowds of people lining up to check in/out of MB from taking a few steps to the right and peeking around the corner.

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good review - kind of underwhelming for a four seasons property (my only basis being the LA properties) but i do like the idea of a quiet secluded spot on the strip. i wonder - does it make sense though to most visitors? in other words, does this hotel have a future, given the location/trend for strip real estate...

the four seasons consistently gets five diamond/pavillion/star ratings and does pretty good business as well. honestly, i thought the rooms were underwhelming and a bit boring. however if the point is to create a 'non-strip atmosphere' as Joseph implies, then it's appropriate... as is one of his final thoughts about probably not recommending the joint to folks.

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