The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay 550 DR Rooms

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Mandalay Bay's Renovated Rooms

Posted by Chuckmonster

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - Tub

The Tub

I'm curious about the placement of the fixtures in relation to where the guests head goes. One would assume since the towel is located at this end, that is where their head should go. If that is the case, shouldn't the water spout be either in the middle, or at the other end? One knock of the elbow onto the spigots could very well send piping hot water onto someone's shoulder.

Something seems quite off in this tub's user interface department.

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay Toilet

The Toilet

They even folded the TP to show it's 'fresh'. The video below reveals a 'shat phone' which - for obvious reasons - you should never under any circumstances use. Why? Think about it... toilet, hands, phone, face... pinkeye. Nuff said.

Video Walkthrough

THEmonkey was nice enough to film a video walkthrough of the room as well. The video is a little blurry since I had to blow it up to fit with YouTube's standard dimensions, but you'll still get the basic idea here. Anyways, thanks again to THEmonkey for sharing his photos/video with us. Be sure to check out for his great insight into the skull crushing world of mixed martial arts.

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Wow, the new rooms there look really good. I'd actually consider staying in this hotel if it wasn't far as hell from everything. Or stay just for a night on a hotel hop trip.

would love to see a comparo with THEhotel.

2006 review of THEhotel is here :

Great review! The room with the king bed is much more spacious, the two double beds take up a lot of space. Also, they will provide a shave kit if requested, Gilchrist & soames shave cream, pretty nice.

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