The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay 550 DR Rooms

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Mandalay Bay's Renovated Rooms

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The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - Sinks

The Sinks

The bathroom features dual sink basins on a polished stone countertop. On the far wall is a small flat panel remote controlled TV mounted on a swivel arm. Many of the newer hotels either have bathroom tv's mounted in the wall, or inside the mirror itself. Having the ability to adjust the angle of the TV here is a nice touch. Extra hand towels and a hair dryer are stored in a cubby hole beneath the sinks.

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - Bathroom Amenities


Mandalay Bay offers shampoo, conditioner, moistrizer, body bar and a sewing kit under the custom brand name M:Pulse. That's it - no cottonballs, Q-tips, shaving kits or toothbrushes of the type you'll find at many of the other top tier resorts.

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - Shower Fixtures

The Shower

The glass enclosed shower has an oversized showerhead, mounted high enough on the wall so tall guys don't have to do the limbo to wash their noggins. (Thank you!) Mandalay Bay opted to not add boobie washers, shower wands or rainheads in their standard rooms. While this isn't a deal breaker by any means, it is a pity. Once you've enjoyed these pleasure these shower devices offer, it is quite hard to let them go.

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Wow, the new rooms there look really good. I'd actually consider staying in this hotel if it wasn't far as hell from everything. Or stay just for a night on a hotel hop trip.

would love to see a comparo with THEhotel.

2006 review of THEhotel is here :

Great review! The room with the king bed is much more spacious, the two double beds take up a lot of space. Also, they will provide a shave kit if requested, Gilchrist & soames shave cream, pretty nice.

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