The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay 550 DR Rooms

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Mandalay Bay's Renovated Rooms

Posted by Chuckmonster

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - Living Room

The "living room area" on the other hand seems a bit confused. While it is understandable to move the table away from the wall, it seems to block the flow of energy into to and from the window.

As one who has taken many hotel table corners in the shin or groin during drunken searches for the bathroom, I'm inclined to offer a rousing golf clap for opting to fit the room with corner-less tables. Kudos. Beyond the bed, there is a small side table next a sofa chair. The hanging faux-lantern floor lamp behind it adds to the Polynesian theme of Mandalay Bay but it seems to offer more clutter than style.

To the right of where the photo was taken is the tv/minibar/dresser combo.

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - TV

The TV

A rather large flat-panel TV is mounted on the wall with attached stereo speakers. I wonder if the iHome iPod dock is wirelessly coupled with the TV's stereo speakers. Doubtful, but in a truly wired world it would be a simple input change away on the remote.

On top of the dresser is an ethernet connector/AC plug, which one would expect to find near the desk. Additionally, the dresser contained a stainless steel bar set and desktop minibar options.

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay - Minibar

Minibar Blown Up

Minibar offerings include a small bottle of Grey Goose vodka, Cafaro red wine, Pringles, an assortment of nuts, crackers, snacks and tins of candy.

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Wow, the new rooms there look really good. I'd actually consider staying in this hotel if it wasn't far as hell from everything. Or stay just for a night on a hotel hop trip.

would love to see a comparo with THEhotel.

2006 review of THEhotel is here :

Great review! The room with the king bed is much more spacious, the two double beds take up a lot of space. Also, they will provide a shave kit if requested, Gilchrist & soames shave cream, pretty nice.

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