The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay 550 DR Rooms

Photos and Video Walkthrough of Mandalay Bay's Renovated Rooms

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The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay

Over the last year, Mandalay Bay has upgraded all of their their aging hotel rooms and suites to be competitive with offerings at it's attached boutique tower, THEhotel, as well as the many newer luxury resorts opening in the next few years. Big huge thanks to THEmonkey, webmeister of our favorite mixed martial arts blog,, for doing photo and video jiu-jitsu on his room at Mandalay Bay. Thanks you Grapplemonkey!

All of the comments contained herein are my observations based on looking at the photos, I have not stayed in the new rooms at Mandalay Bay as of yet. Feel free to share your own personal experiences in these rooms in the comments below. On the road to Mandalay!

The New Rooms : Mandalay Bay : Beds

Mandalay Bay : The Beds

What strikes me about this photo is that you might not know it's a Vegas hotel room other than the supremely out of place 'hotel phone' on the desk. The furnishings - from walls to pillowcases - are smart, hip and comfortably elegant without being too fashion forward.

Possibly my favorite detail is the pin reading light mounted on the far corner of the solid wood headboard. Sharp, smart and wired in much the same way as the slowly becoming standard hotel equipment - the iHome iPod dock. While somewhat unsightly, it is a true godsend that there is an accessible power outlet within reach by the nightstand. With the increasing number of gizmos we all carry around, outlets are at a premium for recharging their batteries or needing the straight juice.

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Wow, the new rooms there look really good. I'd actually consider staying in this hotel if it wasn't far as hell from everything. Or stay just for a night on a hotel hop trip.

would love to see a comparo with THEhotel.

2006 review of THEhotel is here :

Great review! The room with the king bed is much more spacious, the two double beds take up a lot of space. Also, they will provide a shave kit if requested, Gilchrist & soames shave cream, pretty nice.

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