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Welcome To The Neo-Gothic Quasi-Tribal Jungle

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Hard Rock Las Vegas Celebrity Suites

This appears to be a variation on the 'Celebrity Suite' theme, minus the two chairs but with a gold lame pimp-couch, a larger (and mirrored) entertainment center below the tv, a deliciously sexy 1/4 slice sofa seat and - horrors - no heads of dead animals mounted on the wall. The question is : will this furniture, including the small dual coffee tables, survive six months of hard rocking hotel abuse. Doubtful.

Hard Rock Las Vegas Celebrity Suites

This a third variation on the 'Celebrity Suite' theme, probably one bedroom option. Notable furniture additions include a three legged banana shaped chair, another couch type, two purple wedge chairs and a coffin sized entertainment center (KISS branded?).

Hard Rock Las Vegas Celebrity Suites

The bed also features the same wall print, but no mounts of Cobain, Hendrix or tongue-wagging Gene Simmons on the headboard. The room appears to have an iHome iPod/iPhone docking station and there is a flat panel tv mounted on the wall to the right (not pictured). It is surprising that the room where all that theoretical 'magic' takes place seems to have the lowest quotient of jungle gothic shenanigans. One would've figured that the circular rotating bed with automated lights, bossa nova music and ever replenishing side table/martini bar would be part of the standard 'Animal House' options.

So, there you have it... the Celebrity Suites at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, and possibly a peek into what might be in store for us Plebians who can only afford their standard guest rooms.

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This suite would be ideal for a Fear and Loathing modern day remake. Do you think Hunter would approve or roll over in his grave?

I think the rooms look pretty pimp. Of course I would never be able to afford to stay one (maybe one day). Speaking for F&L in Las Vegas, I watched that movie the other day and I want to know what room they stayed in at the Flamingo. I'm sure now it's a neapolitan or metropolitan suite. But they trashed that one more than they did the one at the Mint. I still want to stay in room 850 at Binions. How would you go about reserving that specific room.....?

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