The New Rooms : Hard Rock Celebrity Suite

Welcome To The Neo-Gothic Quasi-Tribal Jungle

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The famed Hard Rock has begun to dust off the cobwebs of its musty room offerings, starting with the suites : Deluxe, Executive and (picture here) Celebrity Suites.

And not a minute too soon.

The three new(ish) suite offerings were designed by NYC based architect / interior designer Mark Zeff, whose style can be best described as rock gothic, a panache similar to Hard Rock's more fashion conscious clientele. Example: dress shirts with distressed prints of gigantic crucifixes and brand names in a gothic gangster font slightly off center on the chest with silver and/or gold filigree silkscreened over and around it.

Before we go any further, allow us to apologize in advance at the crusty quality of the images. The source - a glossy magazine - didn't scan so well on our hardware. We'll do our best to replace these with better quality scans shortly. Despite the lo-fi images, we decided that the information contained within was greater than the distraction caused by lousy quality. The upside is that now we all know that VT's image scanner stinks (this means you, Hewlett Packard). Again, our apologies at not providing hi-res photos.

Hard Rock Las Vegas Celebrity Suites

These rooms make plentiful use of repeating, ornamental patterns, often very gothic in design. When placed in contrast to each other - the pattern on the chairs vs. the carpet vs. the wood inlays on the mirrored far wall - they begin to lose their neo-gothic context and become a pastiche of quasi-tribal surfaces. The tri-armed wall lamps, golden hues and dark browns and blacks reinforce the gothic theme with a purely rock n roll soundtrack.

The famed wall-sized armoire is gone in place of wall mounted LCD tv's and mini-entertainment center, enabling the addition of the two chairs and reducing the tv-centric layout of most hotel rooms. Bravo!

Hard Rock Las Vegas Celebrity Suites

Beyond the couch to the left is a red felt billiards table. The far wall continues the repeating gothic patterns motif with the truly bizarre prominently displayed mount of a gazelles head. Below the trophy behind the billiard table is the minibar.

Hard Rock Hotel : Celebrity Suite

Let's just take a minute and digest this, shall we? They mounted a gazelle head in every Celebrity Suite. Mounting the heads of famous musicians would've been an infinitely more interesting choice (fake or real).

However, the presence of this head of gazelle does ad further proof to the previous 'tribal' inference. If the walls, carpet and furniture were different flavors of animal prints (tiger, leopard, zebra) this room would scream from a time machine : Love Jungle on Safari '73. Oh. How. Tacky. Supplanting the safari prints for neo-gothic ornamental panels sidestep the direct associations to the famed love dojo, but retains the exact same vibe.

Enthralled. Speechless. Shocked. Mystified. And just a little freaked out.

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This suite would be ideal for a Fear and Loathing modern day remake. Do you think Hunter would approve or roll over in his grave?

I think the rooms look pretty pimp. Of course I would never be able to afford to stay one (maybe one day). Speaking for F&L in Las Vegas, I watched that movie the other day and I want to know what room they stayed in at the Flamingo. I'm sure now it's a neapolitan or metropolitan suite. But they trashed that one more than they did the one at the Mint. I still want to stay in room 850 at Binions. How would you go about reserving that specific room.....?

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