100% Guaranteed Slot Machine Voodoo Maneuvers

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Slot Machine Voodoo Moves

The Fix

Sometimes a slot machine needs to be reminded which order the symbols should appear. You can help aid its memory by 'fixing' a symbol that happened to miss the payline. Simply, use your index finger to drag and drop the errant symbol(s) in the general direction of where it should've stopped and the memory of the machine will be reset - increasing the probability of jackpots by a very quantifiable percentage!!!

Slot Machine Voodoo Moves

The Peekaboo

The Peekaboo is a highly effective slot machine voodoo maneuver, which is increasing in popularity globally! Originating at Don Laughlin's Riverside Casino in beautiful Laughlin, Nevada, the Peekaboo is one of the more versatile - and potentially dangerous - slot machine voodoo gymnastics to be invented. Simply hold your hand over one of the payline windows, obscuring the view of the winning 5x multiplier symbol that is guaranteed to be below!

More advanced users should consult their physician before attempting one of the more dangerous variations - the two handed / three window Peekaboo. Be sure to warm up with some one window Peekaboos or a forearm Peekaboo before attempting to extend one hand to cover two windows. It is best to limit 2H3W Peekaboo to no more than one attempt for every 40 spins.

Slot Machine Voodoo Moves

Team Peekaboo

Social networking is all the rage these days, so why not bring some of your Facebook or MySpace friends down to your local slot floor for the hottest social twist on the Peekaboo Maneuver - Team Peekaboo! Not only does it build bonds between betting buddies, but increases the jackpot odds ten fold!

Stop Super Poking and start Team Peekabooing with your friends!

Slot Machine Voodoo Moves

The Bird

When all else fails, The Bird has been proven to pull credits out of even the tightest of slot machines. It is best to save The Bird maneuver until the last possible moment, as it can only be effectively used once every 72 hours.

And then there's this, which apparently works as well... try at your own risk :

It's time to take down the casinos! Share your favorite slot machine voodoo moves by adding a comment below!

* guarantee expires 5/31/2008. Oh, and none of this stuff actually works.

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Thats freakin funny dude. And us folks who are not US Americans are not allowed to view the video so I'll assume its funny.

@donnymac unfortunately that clip doesn't live anywhere else. do a google search for "proxy server" then use it to come back to this page. it should defeat whatever rules they've placed on the video.

Works as wellas anything else

Ahhhh....The Fix and the Bird.....I know those maneuvers well

You forgot the abracadabra finger wave.

For extra umph add a straight arm punch at the end. LOL : )

Video is viewable in CDA...don't know if we're considered part of the US or not :)

At any rate, have seen the wipe done way too many times--if only it had worked for the poor ladies who did it.

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