Peelin' Off The Hot Pants : RockChickX51 Does Hooters Las Vegas

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Posted by Chuckmonster

Hooters Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Review - View of Mandalay Bay

(The view from our room)

Put our stuff down then left for a few hours to check out Luxor and Mandalay, Came back about 8PM and got in line for the Owl Club. After waiting in line for 30 minutes (and there were 4 people in front of us) we finally got to the front and collected our $200 in free slot play (which was to be played on designated machines only). While standing there waiting for the man to put all my info in for the club I asked "So is this place still closing?" Only to be responded with a blunt "Yeah, as long as the check clears." That answers that.

After this we walked out to the pool only to find it was closed. I thought they would have a tiki party or something going on, but at 9pm, nothing. Not a soul in sight, no lights or anything were on, completely dead.

Sat at the slots for a while (they actually have good drink service here, drinks aren't extremely strong but the girls keep them coming), used up our free play, then went to Hooters restaurant for some 2 for 1 pitchers and fries. Waited in line for about 20 minutes to actually get into the restaurant. Finally sat down, asked for a pitcher of Bud Light only to be told "We don't have that." WHAT? You don't have Bud Light!? Are you kidding me? That's the most common beer anywhere! The waitress then turned around and looked at the bar, and turned around giggling "Oh haha, yes we do have it." That's what I thought.

After those pitchers, back to the slots. Made an attempt at one of the tables but they were all jacked full of frat guys and drunk fat chicks that I didn't bother. I only saw 2 Hooters girls dealers the entire time I was here. After a couple of hours at the slots and just walking around looking at how horrible and rude this place was, we headed back to the room. Finished off our beer we brought with us and called it a night at 2AM. What a waste.

The constant grinding from the A/C caused us to switch it to "vent only" on before we went to bed. It didn't make the noise, but then just air was coming out and no cool. 5AM the a/c starts grinding again. No one even touched it. I pressed the OFF button several times and nothing. It wouldn't even go off. I feel back asleep just because I was still drunk.

8:45AM - Click click click - HOUSEKEEPING!!!
::doors starts to open::
Housekeeping lady: Check out is at 10AM
Me: Yes I know that, and it's 8:45!! We'll be out at 10.
Housekeeping: You need help getting things together? Check out in 1 hour.
Me: NO. I'll be out at 10!!!
::slams the door::

Left at 10AM to the taxi line, waited for 15 minutes and not one taxi showed up. So, hungover, hot and feeling gross, we walked back to the Polo Towers to finish out our week and take a damn shower.

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Comments & Discussion

Man, that place sounds vile. You're a pioneer for staying there.

I stayed there when it was the San Remo, during my first trip to Vegas in '04. It was dirty and depressing then, but like now, it was cheap.

Like the old saying goes-you just can't polish a turd. The wood trim and the headboard scream old west bunkhouse, then they tried to dress it up with cheap Florida motel and Hooters decor. What a disaster!
RockChick, you deserve a medal for sticking it out on that stay.

Ya know RockChick, if you had worn yer orange shorts an "wifebeater" T-shirt (we all know you used to work there, it shows in your writing.... snik snik) you woulda got a discount, or at least tips from some drunk guys!!!

I wandered through there last Sept., and man you hit it right on the head. That place blows more than the women that work in most Hooters!!! Silly Owls!

What did you expect for under 50.00 for a room-Getting a room at Super8 would have been better hands down and the service at Ellis Island is a 10 compared to Hooters now you can see why the Locals are glad it's closing.

Just for the record, I went into this hotel knowing it was horrible. Stayed there only because it was $50 a night. And this review was actually just me letting the world know how horrible Hooters was.

I've stayed at Hooters and I don't think it's that bad. It's a cheap room with a great location. You can walk across the street to the MGM where it's $150 more a night and gamble or eat at the nicer restaurants there. From your review it almost sounds like you were expecting a Venetian suite. Did you pay $300 a night? No. Were you planning on spending your entire Vegas visit secluded in your room stroking the lovely soft 500 thread count linens that come with a $300 night suite at the Bellagio or Venetian? No? Then what are you complaining about. It's just cheap fun.

@gargamello from the review, i didn't get the impression that rockchick had unreal expectations going into the night at Hooters. It seems like a pretty honest 'this is what i got at hooters for 50 bucks a night'. yeah its tacky, but expected - i didn't find the room to be too bad compared to a lot of other joints i've stayed at, but the rude front desk person who jacked the price up on her to 60 at the last minute coupled with the badgering from housekeeping definitely raises some red flags in terms of service.

I can surmise that hooters is running on a skeleton housekeeping crew - hence no accommodation for early check-ins and their hustling you out the door at 9am, even offering to pack your stuff for ya. it's just plain odd behavior that i wouldn't expect from any hotel - fleabag or ultraswanky.

Reply to "I can surmise that hooters is running on a skeleton housekeeping crew - hence no accommodation for early check-ins and their hustling you out the door at 9am, even offering to pack your stuff for ya. it's just plain odd behavior that i wouldn't expect from any hotel - fleabag or ultraswanky."

That kind of service is a red flag that the type of guest that stays could be creepy. There may be transient types filling the rooms at super cut rates that don't complain about rough service from the staff. It reminds of motels I've had to check into after a long days drive and the police keep getting called or people are knocking on other doors for drug purchases or hookers getting visits. A lot of times those cut rate rooms aren't worth it.

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