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Designing Brands In Las Vegas

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Bellagio Logo

Bellagio Logos

Bellagio's logo has remained unchanged since it's opening in 1998 - a serif, uppercase, widely spaced "Bellagio" laid over an golden "B" in fancy script. The logo conveys luxury and elegant spaciousness without being overly ornate or gaudy.

Mandalay Bay Logos

Mandalay Bay Logos

The main feature of the Mandalay Bay logo is manipulation of its "M" (set atop a serif MANDALAY BAY) into waves, possibly to point out its super fancy wave pool. The "M" has changed color from blue (water) to gold, representing the golden hues of the building itself. THEhotel - the boutique hotel tower located at Mandalay Bay - uses a heavy serif type set atop a sans-serif upper case Mandalay Bay. Typographically, it's more important that we know about THEhotel as a brand name more than where it's located - MANDALAY BAY.

City Center Logos

CityCenter Logos

CITYCENTER uses a serif font in two tones, which separate the CITY from CENTER in the one word, all caps CITYCENTER. As CityCenter evolved from concept to reality, the "Project" was jettisoned. The five pillars represent each of the five main structures at CityCenter (Left to right? : Mandarin Oriental, veer° towers, ARIA Resort & Casino, Vdara Condo Hotel, THE HARMON Hotel Spa & Residences) with the circle acting as a psychological 'property line.'

Will You Remember Me?

In essence, a logo is intended to boil an entire experience down into a small, easily reproduced glyph which not only identifies a product, but excites in customers the feelings associated with the product itself. Of the many logos found in MGM Mirage's Las Vegas properties, few of these actually convey the visceral or stylistic qualities other than Bellagio's elegantly decorative logo. While some are obviously more effective than others at conveying the very essence of the properties' concept (CityCenter, Mandalay Bay, Mirage) the majority of them are nothing but signs that vaguely differentiate where one joint ends and another begins. Then again, is there any difference between New York New York and Circus Circus?

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