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Designing Brands In Las Vegas

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Mgm Grand Logos

MGM Grand Logos

MGM Grand's logo has changed more than any other property in Las Vegas. The above logos represent only a fraction of the actual ones, and doesn't take into account the days when the current Bally's was MGM Grand. Despite dropping its 'city of entertainment' tag line (at least partially), the MGM lion has evolved from the MGM movie studio lion logo to the seemingly elegant 'lion on the prowl' mark. For a short period after the opening of the new MGM Grand (the green monster) in 1993, they switched to a sans-serif, heavy bolded, all capital letter logo which is still emblazoned at the top of the hotel towers.

Mirage Logos

Mirage Logos

The Mirage's logo evolution is equally as confusing, yet only features two different marks. The swooping M, MIRAGE logo, is currently only found at the top of the hotel tower, over the automobile entry to the the porte cochere and in a sign near the volcano feature. This logo, coupled with the script/palm tree logo formed the initial branding for The Mirage. Over time the first logo has been removed, as has many appearances of the five colored palm trees, leaving just the simple script as the primary logo of the Mirage. It's curvy, handwritten style foreshadows the similarly designed Wynn Las Vegas logo, both of which are intended to give the visitor a sense of comfort, luxury and ease.

New York New York Logos

New York New York Logos

New York New York has gone through three logo designs since it opened in 1997. The iconic Statue of Liberty mark and serif type was removed in 2006 shortly after renovation plans for the property was announced. The current logo consists of New York repeated twice, once in a thin sans-serif font and again in a ultra-bold font. Some would say that the personality has been removed from the property along with the Statue of Liberty.

Update: In October 2008, New York New York unveiled a slightly different variation on their logo... replacing the very 'Hard Rock' (and overused) Helvetica Neue Light font with a custom variation. Iconic? No.

Monte Carlo Logos

Monte Carlo Logos

Monte Carlo is possibly one of the most baffling logos in the MGM Mirage stable of properties. What exactly is that thing over the top of the underlined script Monte Carlo? A rabbit being skewered? A boot standing on a paint brush? Oh! It's a top hat and a cane! No wonder they gave it the boot.

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