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Designing Brands In Las Vegas

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For the purpose of this discussion - which is probably of interest to nobody other than me - we're going to look at the evolution of logos for properties currently owned by MGM Mirage. It should be noted that some of these properties were inherited via acquisition of other companies, and not fully MGM Mirage's responsibility. We could've done this for Harrah's properties also, but MGM Mirage won out due to their recent redesign of Luxor's logo.

Luxor Logos

Luxor Logo

In the last few weeks, MGM Mirage has begun to roll out a new version of Luxor's logo on its website and many marketing materials. As of this writing, the middle logo (above) is still being used on the marquee out front.

What's notable in the three different iterations of the Luxor logo is the removal then reinstating of the pyramid/beam mark found in the original logo into the new mark (the X). Also, the type has changed from an Egyptian-ish curved type to a serif font. Serif's are small little 'hips' added to the endpoints of letters (see illustration).

Historically, serif fonts are believed to promote better readability, nearly every book and newspaper is printed using serif fonts. It is also believed that serif fonts lends a feeling of elegant strength to text it is applied to.

Compare the same phrase using serif and sans-serif type:

Unparalleled Luxury on The Strip

Unparalleled Luxury on The Strip

It's obvious that the serif font screams luxury much more effectively than the sans-serif version. Same five words, same color, yet entirely different meanings... all caused by some little nibs on the end of the letters. In the case of the new Luxor logo, it is possible that the use of serifs is a typographic equivalent of adding mini-pyramids to the logo itself.

Treasure Island Logos

Treasure Island / TI Logo

As families were banished from Vegas during the height of the Sin City resurgence, Treasure Island's theme was one of the first to be transformed to something more adult. Gone were the pirate battles, the pirate themed logo and the Treasure Island name, to be replaced with TI, two letters equated with top selling calculators worldwide. But what exactly does the new TI logo say or mean? Nothing. Much like Treasure Island/TI.

Excalibur Logos

Excalibur Logo

In 2007, Excalibur dropped its incredibly ornate middle ages logo for a cleaner serif type with "X" as +3 magical long sword (1d12) and the addition of a flag emblazoned shield into its royal mix. As with Luxor and New York New York, the change of logo was part of a larger rebranding operation undertaken to shake out the cobwebs and change render customers preconceived notions and inspire them to check out the 'new Excalibur', or Luxor, or New York New York.

Circus Circus Logos

Circus-Circus Logo

The logo of Circus-Circus is obviously festive and is a serif font. Other than being reproduced in numerous metallic versions, sometimes in faux 3-D beveling, the Circus Circus logo - and mission as a family friendly casino - has remained virtually unchanged since it it opened on October 17, 1968.

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