Golden Gate Hotel & Casino Las Vegas : The VegasTripping Review 2008

Photo & Video Review of the Oldest Joint In Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Golden Gate Hotel Las Vegas Review - Bed

Immediately to the left upon entry is the bathroom, and to the right is a small closet containing a luggage stand and a handful of theft-proof wooden hangars. Five paces in, the room opens out to the left with (clockwise from 9pm) a bed coupled with two night stands, a number of windows that actually opened on the far wall, a wobbly table and chair (2pm) and a long low dresser upon which was a tube TV, coffee maker, a desk lamp and a wall mounted mirror (3pm).

Golden Gate Hotel Las Vegas Review - Bedspread

The Bed

Golden Gate Hotel Las Vegas Review - TableThe bed, set against a dark wood headboard features a standard issue floral comforter and two puffy pillows on a no-frills, yet reasonably comfortable firm mattress. All of the linens were clean and in top condition.

To the right of the bed is a small night stand which held a digital alarm clock. The Wayne Newton photo - a delivery to reader Donnymac for winning our Soprano's Dead Pool contest eons ago - is my own addition, it's not part of the room decor (although it should be).

To the left of the bed is a small night stand that contained a wired telephone, ashtray and a comment card. The wall mounted light above the end table didn't work. All of the light bulbs in the room were energy saving CFCs. Inside the top drawer of the end table was an assortment of Golden Gate stationary and the ubiquitous gold lame Vegas Bible.

When I finally managed to roll into bed late that night, I was pretty well smashed and slept like a rock despite the constant noise outside the window. As you know Fremont Street can get pretty quiet at night except for hollaring bums, staggering packs of fellow drunkards and the occasional loud truck or police car. If you're looking for quiet rest and relaxation, your options are to close the windows and button up the drapes, bring some shooting range earmuffs or go stay in one of the airlock hotels on the Strip. If you like camping, you'll love the Golden Gate - and I don't mean that as an insult, there's a lot of wildlife up in them thar parts.

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Comments & Discussion

The Golden Gate was one of my options for my recent trip when I decided to stay Downtown over Mid-Strip. It came in a little more expensive than Binion's, and I kind of had my heart set on staying at Binion's. I did check the GG out during my trip, as I considered eating there for breakfast one morning. The line for the cafe was a bit long, so I went across the "street" to the LV Club.

Binion's also has toiletry products from the Leatherwood Collection.

Your room at the GG was better than the one I had at Binion's (2206, one of the rooms with a balcony). My room at Binion's was a bit threadbare and worn around the edges. I like the fact that the bathrooms at the GG don't have tubs, as typically those bathtub/shower combos suck when it comes to the shower part. The bathroom in my room at Binions was pretty decent in size.

As for the "coffpee" pot, that blend they use isn't that good. Binion's serves it in their coffeeshop and at their snack bars (I was actually surprised that they used whole bean, as most restaurants prefer using fractional packs). A bit too mellow for my tastes. My room at Binion's was one of those single cup CV1 machines (I made sure to run water through the system before actually brewing a cup. I was mainly more concerned about how long it had been since the brewer had last been used as opposed to whether someone took a leak into the water reservoir.).

The GG is definitely on my list of possible hotels for my next trip (Date TBD), and if it in the same price range as Binion's, I'll definitely take a look at staying there.

That is truly the smallest hotel room I have seen.

Cool review. Looks like a decent place that's been maintained. Since it's Vegas, in theory you're not going to spend that much time in your room anyway.

I especially liked the line "As for the fixtures, they're turn of the century chic with a side order of prison cell". Funny.

My first trip to Vegas, we had some coupon and stayed at the Gate for $15 a nite. Now when you split that with your heterosexual life mate - in my case DonnyMac - that comes to a lot more shrimp cocktails than you can really eat!!! When we stayed the Valet was amazing too. We had driven from Calgary, stopped in Salt Lake to do a bit of skiing and the Bronco II we were in was possibly the dirtiest car in the world. When we came down the next AM to cruise around Vegas the Valet had washed it, he even vacuumed!!

All this for a $10 tip, what a guy!!!

Good review, often wondered about some of these downtown joints. Really sad thing is I've paid $500 a night for rooms that size in midtown Manhattan....

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