The New Rooms : Mirage

The first in a series of previews about the newly redesigned rooms in Las Vegas

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New Rooms : Mirage Las Vegas

The bed itself features a square quilted comforter, corduroy throw, bed scarves that match the color scheme of the over sized chair, and a solid wooden frame. We'll get to that cube shaped pillow thingy shortly.

The end tables have chromed legs, wooden drawers and marble tops. On the far side there is an iHome iPod (or iPhone) docking device which doubles as a clock radio and a cordless phone or pod charging station.

New Rooms : Mirage Las Vegas

The pillow cases are wrapped in a brown satin trim that matches the shiny brown vinyl headboard and have the same square quilting pattern as the comforter. That large pumpkin colored rectangular bolster is furry like a muppet and has floral embroidery on either end. It looks like a gigantic square of extra sharp cheddar cheese. Mmmm. Cheeese.

New Rooms : Mirage Las Vegas

The 'lounge' area features an oversized chair with a throw pillow that matches the two truly bizarre peanut colored fuzzy chairs. The form fitting curvy shag chairs appear to be covered in a mocha suede (possibly mohair?) set atop chrome base. The desk/cocktail table combo is also polished chrome and has a marble top. The Queen Deluxe version swaps a lengthy window-side bench for the oversized chair. Check out garbanzo bean print carpet too.

For the gadget freak - which is probably all of us at this point - the new rooms at Mirage are certifiably wired. A media hub (mounted on the shelf to the right of the desk) connects electronic devices to the wall mounted flat-panel TV (to the right, not pictured) - iPods, iPhones, laptops and whatever else you can think of.

Drunkards rejoice! The cold minibar and snack assortment is in the cabinet below the wall mounted TV.

I've got to admit, when I first saw these photos a few months ago they frightened me. After giving them a bit more detailed study, I think this room is pretty sharp - in a very funky disjointed yet harmoniously over-the-top creative sorta way. Mind you, this is just looking at the pictures, you can never really tell how a room feels until done a couple of laps around it, at least one of which must be in the nude. If I had to choose from the four flavors, I'd take the either of the Deluxe King's, leaning slightly towards the traffic cone orange one.

Speaking of choosing, if you would like to stay in one of these rooms, simply request one when doing your booking, otherwise you might get stuck with the old stuff. If you've already booked a trip and want see if you can switch to one of the new rooms, call the hotel as soon as you can. If you book via the the Mirage website, add a note to the 'other requests' on the booking form stating you want the Newly Remodeled Deluxe _____ Room. Calling to confirm your preference after booking online is probably your best bet, even though it defeats the purpose of the internet - no phone calls.

The Mirage occasionally sends us coupon codes and other promos that might save you a few bucks if your looking for a booking. Remember : the key to snagging the best prices in their promos is to book as far in advance as you can. Losing a lot of money in the casino also results in great room rates - comps!

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I don't know this is compared to the Go Room besides the retro clashing into contemporary look, which I think a lot of hotels are doing.

At least they are doing all the hotel rooms instead of a select few and not charging a premium for the remodeled rooms when it is all done.

I love the remodeled rooms. After starting down the Golden Gate, one realizes how far hotel rooms have come. Attempting to give the guest something less generic and grandma-like is a touch that can appreciate.

Can't wait ti stay in one. The Go room at the Flamingo was nice, but way, way too white for my tastes.

This looks very nice.

I'm either going back in October or December (depending on how this whole New Orleans/Biloxi trip pans out) and I'll be getting a mulberry double queen room.
Don't know if you mentioned it but according to Mirages websites
Orange King & Yellow queens are for the tower rooms
Ruby king and Mulberry queens are for the regular rooms.

What is the difference between the two types of rooms other than the fact that one costs more????

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