The New Rooms : Mirage

The first in a series of previews about the newly redesigned rooms in Las Vegas

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New Rooms : Mirage Las Vegas

While all eyes are on the impending opening of the latest wave of Las Vegas megaresorts, a number of properties have begun to upgrade outdated and technologically archaic hotel rooms in order to keep them competitive in the expanding market. Properties that have either started or planned on sprucing up their room offerings include Excalibur, Mirage, Wynn Las Vegas, Venetian, Luxor, Flamingo, MGM Grand and Paris Las Vegas. Over the next few months, we're going to preview a number of these new rooms, starting with Mirage.

As some of you may recall, our 2007 visit to the Mirage left a lot to be desired. The gizmo-unfriendly room was bathed in a stale mix of perfume and Parliaments, worn, broken or tacky decor and furnishings and housekeeping was... well... it wasn't.

With the rest of The Mirage's public spaces having been thoroughly redone, it was apparent that the rooms were one of the action items high up on their to-do list. Not but a few months later, a full redesign of the Mirage's room offerings was announced targeting 100% turnover by August 2008.

Be forewarned, Mirage's new room designs are quite striking. On the surface they harken back to a mid-1970's color schemes, with adventurous use of fabric textures, dark woods, and sharply contrasting materials and patterns. The shapes of the many pieces of decor are bold, retro and artistically pimptastic. Another recent room design, the Flamingo GO Room has parleyed equally courageous aesthetic aspirations, albeit in a much more minimalist way.

The New Rooms at The Mirage Las Vegas

Ruby Orange Saffron Mulberry - Color Flavors of the Mirage!The Mirage's new Deluxe rooms will come in four different flavors, Deluxe King (in ruby or orange pictured here) and Deluxe Queen (saffron or mulberry). By flavors, I mean colors, the names of which are Mirage's descriptions, certainly not ours.

The difference between the four flavors, beyond the number and size of beds, is mainly in the pattern and color of the decor. The saffron queen has the buttoned leather headboard (a la THEhotel) whereas the mulberry has the same headboard as the Deluxe king, minus the artwork. A little odd, but then again the whole room is a wacky to begin with.

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I don't know this is compared to the Go Room besides the retro clashing into contemporary look, which I think a lot of hotels are doing.

At least they are doing all the hotel rooms instead of a select few and not charging a premium for the remodeled rooms when it is all done.

I love the remodeled rooms. After starting down the Golden Gate, one realizes how far hotel rooms have come. Attempting to give the guest something less generic and grandma-like is a touch that can appreciate.

Can't wait ti stay in one. The Go room at the Flamingo was nice, but way, way too white for my tastes.

This looks very nice.

I'm either going back in October or December (depending on how this whole New Orleans/Biloxi trip pans out) and I'll be getting a mulberry double queen room.
Don't know if you mentioned it but according to Mirages websites
Orange King & Yellow queens are for the tower rooms
Ruby king and Mulberry queens are for the regular rooms.

What is the difference between the two types of rooms other than the fact that one costs more????

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