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Neon Boneyard Las Vegas Binions Sahara Stardust

Binion's Horseshoe | Sahara | Stardust | Burger King

To the left is the legendary giant neon horseshoe from Binion's Horseshoe located on Fremont Street. In front of it is a neon Burger King sing, and to the far right a collection of letters from the Sahara and the space-age red lettering from the Stardust. If only Wayne Fucking Newton would move in to the boneyard.

Neon Boneyard Las Vegas Sahara

Stardust | Sahara

This is a side view of the Sahara and Stardust letters in the above photo.

Neon Boneyard Las Vegas Desert Inn Binions

Wilbur Clarke's Desert Inn | Binion's Horseshoe

Obstructed to the left is part of a marquee from the legendary Wilbur Clarke's Desert Inn, (built in 1950) that was located accross the street from the New Frontier at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Desert Inn Road. The famed cactus marquee that sat atop the hotel entrance is also in the Neon Boneyard. The Desert Inn goes through a major renovation in 1997, is purchased by Steve Wynn three years later and is imploded shortly thereafter to make way for the new Wynn Resort.

Neon Boneyard Las Vegas Desert Inn Binions


Opened by Lester 'Benny' Binion in 1951, Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino is one of the classic carpet joints of the old Vegas era. Dark wood walls, horseshoe design carpeting, its old-tyme gambling hall vibe, and massive blue and red neon marquee are a must-experience for any Vegas Tripper. We love Binions.

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