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Where The Glitz Goes To Rest

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Las Vegas. Glitter City. Known as much for its light show as it is for its odds. A city which, in its first century of existence, has transformed itself from Washoe and Paiute native lands to Mormon missions to silver rush railroad town to pit stop on the way to Los Angeles to the absolute global nexus of power, wealth, intrigue and remarkable signage. Remarkable signage? Why yes... remarkable signage. In this age of imploding casinos and disposable hotel vibes one remarkable group of individuals has decided to preserve the great history of Las Vegas neon for the future. Collecting cast-off marquees and useless neon artifacts of a bygone era, the Neon Museum in Las Vegas is preserving and restoring vital historical pieces of this amazing city.

The Neon Museum is pretty easy to find... simply go north on The Strip, past Stratosphere, past Fremont Street/Downtown, past the 515 freeway... to 821 North Las Vegas Blvd (its on the left in a Library-type of building with a curly concrete silo looking thing poking around it.... ironically... there are no signs.) Ask inside for directions to the Neon Museum offices. They conduct tours for a minimal fee during the week, but not on weekends. Give them a phone call beforehand if you would like to schedule a tour (the number is in the Las Vegas phonebook if you forget to bring it.) You're not supposed to show up unannounced without a guide, but we have... twice.

H and I arrived there on a Sunday afternoon shortly before we headed out on our drive back to L.A.. We were told by the reception staff that the Neon Museum offices were closed, but we could easily walk to the boneyard and peek in over the fences at the signs. Hells yah.

Neon Boneyard Las Vegas

We wandered across the street to find two large fenced-in lots which house hundreds of vintage Vegas signage artifacts. The fence is about 5 feet high and it has green cloth on it, so if you're under 5 foot you might want to bring a portable stool to stand on (and some water - its hot out there!) Most of the photos on the following pages were taken by H (a couple by me) from over the fence. Next time we're definitely going to take the tour. Keep in mind that this is a semi-residential area so don't intrude on the locals who are hanging out doing their business (one of em even had a No Mooching sign on the front door of their house.) Its also noteworthy to mention that we found a homeless guy living between the fence and cement wall all the way around the back of the Boneyard.

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