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The Blue Zone Is For Unloading Only

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Luxor Las Vegas Redesign Carpeting

Carpetus Interruptus

The carpeting situation at Luxor pretty much shows you which parts of the casino have been re-done and which haven't. The busy gold, red and black Egyptodesigns end abruptly in many areas, with seams often covered in black electrical tape where they join with the new carpeting designs.

The swatch on the left is 'high traffic pathways' the swatch to the right is the soon to be extinct current carpeting.

Luxor's New Carpet

Luxor's New Casino Carpet

Really? That's the best you could come up with? I hate to be a hater, but this has got to be the least inviting casino carpeting ever. If it's function is to keep us from noticing it, it works... it looks like shattered glass floating in outer space as seen through the eyes of a sidewalk chalk Cubist. Yikes!

Luxor Transition PhotoshopThe inset photo above is a screenshot of one of the adjustment filters in Adobe Photoshop before I did a little optimization to the photo of the new carpet. The curve represents the color information contained in the original photos histogram (kinda like a photography equivalent of the Graphic EQ on your stereo or iTunes.) Normally these things look all swoopy and have peaks and valleys at each end, this histogram is strangely pyramid shaped like the Luxor itself. Spooooky.

It is entirely too early to offer any formal assessment of Luxor's new direction. However, it's new thematic motif is slowly becoming clear. Given Luxor's McCarran adjacent strip address, the club LAX sharing the same airport code as Los Angeles International Airport, the Flight bar and the deep blue skies painted overhead, the pieces are making puzzle sense.

Welcome to Airport Las Vegas.

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When we were there last week I noticed they'd changed A LOT of the casino to underwater blue. I never thought of it looking like an airport but now that you've brought it up, it does resemble the airport a lot.
Vegas' casinos are going to slowly change to that "seen one, you've seen them all" persona. Whereas with the themed casinos you felt someplace different everytime. With these you walk into the same thing everytime. "Wow this one has blue tones, woohoo this one has purple walls...."

Stopped by there in February and it was clear that the Luxor is in the midst of a HUGE identity crisis.

Took a (shaky) video of my walk around the place that we showed in our Slidecast awhile back. Just a big jumble of curtains, dancing girls and one-word-named bars. I suppose I'll withhold judgment until I see the finished product, but it looks like if you dig the club-ification of the Strip, you'll like the Luxor.

Our Slidecast

I think it makes sense that they go for "an extremely sparse, almost municipal design". For one it does look cleaner and more fresh than the tired old design, and two, it accomplishes the goal of a new look with minimal investment in remodeling. I mean really, what are they gonna do, knock down the whole pyramid and start from scratch? Not likely. So this minimalist style blends in with what's there while trying to make it look cleaner.

I still question the logic of making all the hotels look basically the same. Where is the business logic that says de-theming will bring more revenue/profit?

Egypt doesn't have to be kitsch. The could have just redecorated and made it more of a high end egyptian resort getaway. No pharaohs, no tombs, just a really nice resort reminiscent of a more glamourous geographical location. That actually sounds nice.

Instead they chose airport modern. Not only are there little things like wallpaper and column designs left over, the whole thing is a gigantic pyramid. That's going to be a bit more difficult to mask.

Modernized 60's kitsch inside of ancient eqyptian kitsch. Interesting choice...

Well I think they're trying to do what you are suggesting, making the Luxor more high end. By molding it more into the accepted high end interior design aesthetic of today. Which is sort of minimalist chic. That's what they did with the new Planet Hollywood, and it's been much more successful than the old themey Aladdin.

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