Golden Nugget Las Vegas : The VegasTripping Review 2008

Four Stars For Ten Lincolns, Come On Down!

Posted by Chuckmonster

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Photos Review : Hallway

And We Walked On Down The Hall

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Photos Review : 12104Upon arrival at the 12th floor we followed the signs that sorta pointed to our room. Down one hallway, turn, through some doors, make another turn, down another hallway, make a turn, down a hallway (past a Coke Machine whose backlit plastic front said "STARBUCKS" in huge letters - nope, no coffee there... it's an advertisement for the SBux we just passed.)

While walking down the hallway, one can't help but think how the Golden Nugget's history mirrors that of Las Vegas itself. From its million dollar opening in 1946 to middle era decline when it was resurrected and completely redesigned by casino legend Steve Wynn. After MGM took over Wynn's Mirage Resorts only to sell the Nugget a few years later when it began a short stint co-starring in a FOX reality TV show called The Casino. Throughout all of these twists and turns, the Golden Nugget has always been the crown of downtown, and very possibly always will be. Despite it's location and the questionable quality of some of its neighboring properties, the Golden Nugget has retained it's cache of luxury in the eyes, minds and hearts of Vegas tourists despite its numerous owners and business plan shifts.

As for my relationship with the Nug, this is the first time I've stayed here since internet wunderkinds turned casino moguls Tim Poster and Tom Brietling sold the place to it's current owners, chain restauranteur Landry's. I was met by signs advertising The Casino on my last overnight here, and in other gambling-only visits, I managed to rub elbows with Tim Poster and some of the knuckleheads we all watched on the show. I'm tickled gold by it's history, but what tickles me more is to see what - if anything - has since changed.

We arrived at the door of room 12104, took out our 'Defending The Caveman' branded key card, slit it into the lock... bleepbleep *click* and swung open the door. (Our trademark video walkthrough of this room is on the last page).

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Photos Review : Bedroom


12104 is a 'standard guest room' with two queen beds as requested. The room layout (clockwise from the hard left - 7 o'clock) two door mirrored closet, bathroom, vanity desk/mirror, two beds, window, sitting area, armoire w/tv and drawers, door to adjoining room, then back to the front door. Overall, the room dimensions are slightly generous for a standard sized room, the decor and amenities were of good quality and - with only a few peculiar exceptions - the room was clean.

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I've stayed here 5 times over the past year and a half. While the price has always been right, service & cleanliness declined each visit.

hmm :/ based on the photos this looked about on par (nicer in parts, worse in parts) with my very recent stay at Paris. only the nug' was a hell of a lot cheaper. oh well. at least i'm gonna get paid by the company for the stay

It appears that the Nug, for all it's nostalgia, is just an average joint, but I gotta admit that's a great rate. I could see staying there on a future economy trip.

I have never stayed at the Nugget when staying downtown. Just looking at the pics and the video, I would rather stat at the Tez in a tower room. The Tower rooms are just as nice and about the same price (usually $40) and much better gaming in the casino. I'm just saying.

I stayed and the Nugget not too long ago and had a room on the 12th floor almost exactly like this.

I too found the keyboard on top of the TV only when I checked there to make sure I hadn't left anything.

One thing is - wifi is expensive ~$10-15 with no free in-room alternative.

I tried to sign up for the wifi during our miffed attempt at doing a live webcast from fremont street but the sign up didn't work, plus you had to get out your credit card instead of charge it to the room.

That being said, there are a bunch of wifi networks in the area you can glom onto, but their signals aren't very reliable. Seriously, it's time they give us the wifi for free.

Did you you check out the TV stations? Does is have that LVCVA channel showing those history of Las Veas shows? Any cable channel, or is it one ESPN and a bunch of Japanese and Spanish channels?

I got an offer from this place yesterday for $15 rooms and $112 spa suites (the super cool 2 story rooms). It just wasn't valid for my travel dates but let me tell you what, if they offer those damn spa suites for $112 again I'm cancelling my Mirage room and sweeping this up.

I stayed in a south tower room in early October and they replaced the tube tv with a LCD flat panel. I was really surprised at the small number of channels that were available and the quality of the reception wasn't great.

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