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Photos and review of Rocky's Deluxe Room at the MGM Grand Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

MGM Grand Las Vegas Review, Photos

VegasTripping reader/commenter all around Vegas freak RockVegas filed a little trip report with us, which includes a slew of photos from the inside of his 'deluxe' room at the MGMGrand. Lots of very informative stuff here, which hopefully will help all of us make better decisions when booking our next trip. On behalf of all the trippers, thank you Rocky for generously sharing your experiences and photos with us! Take it away Rock!

Here it goes: As we came in for a landing at Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport - our first nighttime landing - the awesome view of strip was even better than I had imagined. From the sky, it's endless carnival midway made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

MGM Grand Airport Check In

We deplaned and headed toward baggage claim. On the way, we registered at the MGM Grand registration desk near the baggage claim area. This desk can be used for MGM Grand registration only, you cannot register at other MGM properties from there. We were able to register and get room keys before our bags hit the carousel - very fast and convenient.

Upon arrival at the hotel in our rental, valet service was fast and efficient, plus a bellman was dispatched to grab our belongings right a way. We walked across the valet and taxi lanes towards the hotel entrance, then turned back to snap a picture of the Porte cohere. It was unimpressive. It's functional, but does not cover a very large area. It looks kind of like something that you would see covering a bunch of gas pumps at just about any large gas station. It's just a little taller and has lots of extra lighting. I don't know what they were going for here-maybe a Hollywood back-lot theme.

We proceeded through trademark lion's head etched doors into the massive hotel lobby.

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Comments & Discussion

MGM is a pretty good value as long as your not springing over $150/night for a standard 'deluxe'. Bathroom looks nicer than most of the joints out there - clean and well put together.

I'm a bit perplexed by the bed's headboard. It looks like a brick walkway, which doesn't exactly exude restful sleep to me. If anything, the room suffers from lack personality due to questionable design choices.

fyi - i think that oval shaped wall mirror is on sale at home depot if you order them by the gross.

There is no way that headboard is left over brick road from the Wizard of Oz theme it used to sport.

My oh my. I hadn't thought of that. Yikes.

FYI, MGM Grand rooms are due for a remodel in the next 18 months.

If you wanna go old school sometime, the El Cortez downtown is great.

I have always enjoyed my stays at MGM. It should be interesting to see what they do to the rooms. I have always found the decor at MGM to be very tastefully done.

As for the El Cortez We were there last Tuesday night ,for an adult beverage with Chuck, and I was suprised how much of the "dank" they had got rid of. It would likely be a decent budget choice in the future.

just needlessly backing up everyone's comments here. nice rooms, provided a nice rate. two annoyances, based on a recent visit - you are pinned way down on one end of the strip, if you care to prowl the strip. also the green lights from the inside of a room... sheesh, tone it down a bit!

I do enjoy staying at MGM. Service is good and they treat you right. As to the rooms...well the rooms in the North Tower are what I consider to be the lowest of the rooms available. Another factor, I find it much easier to get an upgrade at hotel check-in than at the airport. The $20 trick has gotten me upgraded to a bungalow suite each time I have tried it at hotel check-in. It hasn't worked at the airport.

As to the Tez, for a low rolling gambling visit, the tower rooms there as on a par with the Nug standard rooms. Anyway the casino at the Tez can be a blast for a bunch of low rollers out to have fun on a guys trip.

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