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The Lucky $18.88 Kung Pao Special?

Posted by Chuckmonster

I'm not sure if the food came really quickly or I just got sucked in by all the interior design candy, but before I had the chance lose any gadgets in the nethersphere of the couch, my $18.88 Kung Pao Special showed up.

Red 8 Wynn Las Vegas

At first glance it looks quite similar to what one might be served at a very well managed, yet run of the mill steam table joint in the food court at the mall. Look at it. The presentation doesn't particularly scream 'made with care, by hand' it actually says 'you shoulda waited for 15 minutes at Terrace Pointe.' My initial tought was 'if this doesn't taste truly fantastic, I just got overcharged $12 for a two item special at Panda Express.'

I mixed some of the rice into the Kung Pao, separated out some of the chilies, then tong'd up a heaping chopstickfull of the chicken, peppers, onions and peanuts, grazed it over the rice ball to attach some of the fluffy white grains and gave it a taste.

The chicken was quite tender, almost to the point of it seeming undercooked (it wasn't, it's just really tender). The flavorings were tangy and the spices had a very delayed kick which never mounted to the mini-inferno usually associated with Kung Pao. The potstickers were soft and not too gummy although they did taste a tad oily. The spring roll was crispy yet forgettable despite the zip added by the plum-based dipping sauce.

On the whole the $18.88 Kung Pao special just didn't hit the mark flavor-wise and it was insanely over priced. At this price point I'd be willing to sacrifice portion size (which was reasonably generous) for a more exquisite assortment of flavors and a more refined presentation. Frankly, I make better Kung Pao than this at home.

While sitting there, I gazed at the well heeled 60-something couple at the adjoining table. A grey haired man decked out in casual designer attire - including banana yellow golf pants - with a Ralph Lauren shopping bag at his side, woman in a dark pantsuit who took great pleasure raising a toast of miniature tea cups to her well coiffed husband. I thought to myself, it sure would be great to be 60-something, have 'great' fashion sense, and enough expendable income to be hoodwinked into thinking that value is based on price tag alone. For whatever reason, the taste of life is infinitely more important to me than the paper I exchange for it. And on this occasion, Red8, proved to be an unlucky gamble.

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Sounds like Terrace Point gave you the old ploy some places use on solo diners. "Wait 20 minutes" is essentially code for "We're not interested in having you eat here, but if you're willing to wait, we might be able to slide you in". I had a similar thing happen to me my last trip to Vegas. I tried to go to Voodoo over at The Rio (I was going to see Penn & Teller) and what happened to me was similar to what you had happen. Instead of the "20 minutes" line, I was given "We can have a table for you at 9:30" line (This was at 6:30 on Saturday night, which I know is a tough night to get a table if you don't have a reservation, but it was still pretty early in the evening.) . It was said in a snarky tone, and had he been a little more polite, I probably would have tried the $20 trick on him. I could understand trying to turn me away if I was not dressed appropriately for the place (Hell I was wearing a suit.), but I think had I not been solo, I probably would have been given a table. I go over to the All-American Bar and Grill and pretty much get seated almost immediately, and there were other folks waiting (One of the few tables they had open in the dinner room was for two, so being solo helped.).

I had been curious about Red8, and had been looking at going there when I'm out there in May. Looking at the plate of Kung Pao Chicken, that sure isn't like anything you'd get at the typical Chinese buffet but does sort of look like they went over to the nearest Panda Express and bought a family size of it (P.E. is one of the few places I've been where the chicken used in the isn't battered and fried. Myself, I'm a fiend for their Orange Chicken.). Any clue on how the Mongolian Beef is there?

Thats too bad about the meal, for that kind of cash you expect something better than food court Chinese food. The dude in the yellow pants and his woman sound exactly like the couple we saw at Shoppes at Palazzo that same day. I told Spyder that he could likely make the yellow pants look good!!!

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