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The Lucky $18.88 Kung Pao Special?

Posted by Chuckmonster

After glancing at the menu, I decided to give the $18.88 special a try - Kung Pao Chicken, Gyoza, (Pot Sticker), spring roll and steamed white rice.

While waiting I eavesdropped on a conversation between a Wynn employee and someone trying to sell them some kind of service related to high rollers. I couldn't get an exact handle on what they were talking about, but they did talk about Macau and the Four Seasons hotel brand a lot.

I also took a bunch of pics of some of the decor, which is typically schnazzy and detailed.

Wynn Las Vegas Red 8

The hostess seated me in the far corner at the very same table I sat at when I last visited Red 8 in August 2006- two tables over from the lucky (and pointy) red wine closet. The kitchen entrance is to the left of the wall mounted lamps.

Red 8 Wynn Las Vegas

I was seated on a somewhat ornate couch whose floral inlays extend the motif found throughout Wynn Las Vegas. Also notable are the little black butt-bumpers on it whose primary function is either to give very small people back support, provide decent rest areas for restaurant's rodent population or keep crumbs and electronic gadgets from slipping into the couch void. I'll bet those things smell.

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Sounds like Terrace Point gave you the old ploy some places use on solo diners. "Wait 20 minutes" is essentially code for "We're not interested in having you eat here, but if you're willing to wait, we might be able to slide you in". I had a similar thing happen to me my last trip to Vegas. I tried to go to Voodoo over at The Rio (I was going to see Penn & Teller) and what happened to me was similar to what you had happen. Instead of the "20 minutes" line, I was given "We can have a table for you at 9:30" line (This was at 6:30 on Saturday night, which I know is a tough night to get a table if you don't have a reservation, but it was still pretty early in the evening.) . It was said in a snarky tone, and had he been a little more polite, I probably would have tried the $20 trick on him. I could understand trying to turn me away if I was not dressed appropriately for the place (Hell I was wearing a suit.), but I think had I not been solo, I probably would have been given a table. I go over to the All-American Bar and Grill and pretty much get seated almost immediately, and there were other folks waiting (One of the few tables they had open in the dinner room was for two, so being solo helped.).

I had been curious about Red8, and had been looking at going there when I'm out there in May. Looking at the plate of Kung Pao Chicken, that sure isn't like anything you'd get at the typical Chinese buffet but does sort of look like they went over to the nearest Panda Express and bought a family size of it (P.E. is one of the few places I've been where the chicken used in the isn't battered and fried. Myself, I'm a fiend for their Orange Chicken.). Any clue on how the Mongolian Beef is there?

Thats too bad about the meal, for that kind of cash you expect something better than food court Chinese food. The dude in the yellow pants and his woman sound exactly like the couple we saw at Shoppes at Palazzo that same day. I told Spyder that he could likely make the yellow pants look good!!!

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