I Scored a $45 P-Ho (On Priceline) : JustJoey's Planet Hollywood Experience

Tag Along With JustJoey as He Does The Planet Hollywood and Teaches Us The Ins and Outs of Booking By Priceline

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Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Review -  Mags

Mag Rags

This is interesting only due to the inclusion of supermarket trash rag OK in the assortment of Vegas toilet reading. I'd rather have free internet than a gossip magazine, but thats just me.

Check out the ad card for the Planet Hollywood condos that the time share gnats are shilling in the lobby. Regarding the time share salespeople, a lot of people have complained about their annoying persistence badgering guests. Joey found that after shooing them away once or twice, they left him alone the rest of the time. Obviously these sales people must have some degree of success otherwise Planet Hollywood would discontinue their employment. My concern is that buying a condo is a bit more involved than picking up a Louis Vuitton bag or a nice watch. People don't go on vacation to Las Vegas looking to buy property (let alone one that might never actually get built.)

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Review -  Water

Bottle Full Of Hot Air

For those who can't read the tag on the bottle of water, allow me to transcribe:

This bottle of Aquafina is provided as a serice for our guests. If consumed a $4.95 charge will be billed to your room. For your convenience, our staff will refresh daily.

It is great news that the Planet Hollywood staff will refresh themselves daily, as long as they don't ring it up on the guest tab. Secondly, providing something as a 'service' implies that the hotel cares enough to provide water for guests as part of the overall hotel experience. In actuality, what they are saying is, we're providing a service to make water available for purchase conveniently in your room so you don't have to go downstairs to buy one. God forbid we drink water out of the tap like most Earthlings do.

What the casino companies haven't realized is that these water bottles should be branded with the hotel logo on the label and given away for free to hotel guests. Currently, the guest pays money for the bottle, then carries it around all day advertising Aquafina to others looking for water. If enough people were walking around carrying "Planet Hollywood" bottles of water - maybe with cooly designed bottles - the bottles would catch the eye of other tourists and a percentage would head on over to that property, or at least file that in their mind for later in the day. The hotels in Macau give away water free to all visitors, differently shaped bottles branded with the casinos names and logo.

A little 'value check' : nine bottles of Aquafina water is equal to the room rate Joey scored on Priceline.com .

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Thanks for the pix and review Joey. Did the $45 include taxes and service charges??

I was at PH last week and i spent about 100 more for my rooms but the room that I was in looked that same as it did when i was there last year. The view was simliar since I was closer to the Paris but I did have a nice view of the Strip. They do give you a lot of magazines to read while you are there including the lame OK!. I didnt use the internet service while I was there but at one point there were computers in the room and not just the terminals. I did use the tub and it is very comfortable. As far as the rest of the bathrooms are concerned the water pressure on the north side of the building is weak so you hear the sink rumbling from time to time. as far as the timeshare folks go if you dont make eye contact then they seem to let you pass by. The 5.00 water is a joke since you can load up with 1.00 water at the Hawaiian Marketplace and keep your ice bucket full. The bed is one of the most comfortable beds you can lie in. As far as room service goes there are a lot of dining options but my neighbors ordered food and the staff wasnt too quick to remove the trays from the hallway.

Donny, here is the receipt from Priceline and there were no additional charges from Planet Ho upon check out.

Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $45.00
Subtotal: $90.00
Taxes & Service Fees: $16.94
Total Charges*: $106.94

It's funny about the pic of the shower with the mold in it. I never noticed it and all and wonder if its a different color grout or something. The room from what I remember was spotless. Everything except the exterior windows which were a little spotty.

I'd stay at Planet Ho for under $100 a night any time. If you like the younger vibe thing that many Vegas places have been going for, PH has done a great job IMO.

The spa needs an overhaul though that's for sure, in relation to other Vegas spas they need new management and should send their people to the other spas around town to take notes. Caesars spa is incredible BTW.

Next year I'm hoping to pay up a little and stay at Encore though if I can get it for under $160 a night.

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