I Scored a $45 P-Ho (On Priceline) : JustJoey's Planet Hollywood Experience

Tag Along With JustJoey as He Does The Planet Hollywood and Teaches Us The Ins and Outs of Booking By Priceline

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Planet Hollywood for 45 dollars on Priceline

If you've spent any time whatsoever on any Las Vegas related message board, blog or website, you probably know justJoey from his always funny and thoughtful posts about all sorts of Vegas stuff. You probably also may know that _justJoey operates his own blog - VegasLinks - which is a great daily starting point for Vegas freaks looking to surf waves of information they've probably never seen before. Joey is a bonafide Vegas nut, and being one of those nuts who understands that we all make better Vegas decisions when we share our experiences and tips, he has graciously and generously shared a slew of photos from his recent stay in the recently refurbished rooms at Planet Hollywood and some inside information on how to find great rates on the internet.

After spending some time chatting with Joey about his stay at the Planet Hollywood (excerpts of which accompany the photos below) I've come to realize that not only his he one of the most passionate Vegas freaks out there, but he is an expert at digging out the best room rates possible using travel auction sites, most notably Priceline.com . Joey scored this Planet Hollywood room for an unbelievable rate of $45/night. All of the comments related to the room must be tempered with the knowledge that this is an unreal value for the price, despite a few of the short comings in the room.

Along with my commentary and the photos, I've added some excerpts from a conversation I had with Joey via Instant Messenger about his experiences staying at Planet Hollywood.

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Thanks for the pix and review Joey. Did the $45 include taxes and service charges??

I was at PH last week and i spent about 100 more for my rooms but the room that I was in looked that same as it did when i was there last year. The view was simliar since I was closer to the Paris but I did have a nice view of the Strip. They do give you a lot of magazines to read while you are there including the lame OK!. I didnt use the internet service while I was there but at one point there were computers in the room and not just the terminals. I did use the tub and it is very comfortable. As far as the rest of the bathrooms are concerned the water pressure on the north side of the building is weak so you hear the sink rumbling from time to time. as far as the timeshare folks go if you dont make eye contact then they seem to let you pass by. The 5.00 water is a joke since you can load up with 1.00 water at the Hawaiian Marketplace and keep your ice bucket full. The bed is one of the most comfortable beds you can lie in. As far as room service goes there are a lot of dining options but my neighbors ordered food and the staff wasnt too quick to remove the trays from the hallway.

Donny, here is the receipt from Priceline and there were no additional charges from Planet Ho upon check out.

Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $45.00
Subtotal: $90.00
Taxes & Service Fees: $16.94
Total Charges*: $106.94

It's funny about the pic of the shower with the mold in it. I never noticed it and all and wonder if its a different color grout or something. The room from what I remember was spotless. Everything except the exterior windows which were a little spotty.

I'd stay at Planet Ho for under $100 a night any time. If you like the younger vibe thing that many Vegas places have been going for, PH has done a great job IMO.

The spa needs an overhaul though that's for sure, in relation to other Vegas spas they need new management and should send their people to the other spas around town to take notes. Caesars spa is incredible BTW.

Next year I'm hoping to pay up a little and stay at Encore though if I can get it for under $160 a night.

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