Nick's Picks 2008 : Interview With Nick Christenson from Las Vegas Casino Death Watch

Turn your head and cough Las Vegas, the Doctor is In

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VT: Has Lady Luck officially run out?

NC: Well, in the sense that we expect it to spend the next year in the same state as last year, I suppose. Eventually something will happen to it. Will it be this year? Maybe, but probably not. Will it happen within the next five years? Probably.

Binions Las Vegas

VT: We both have professed our love for Binions over the past few annual recaps, always holding out hope that the House the Benny Built will some day have its crown restored. With MTR Gaming finally giving up on their questionable business strategy and selling to Four Queens owner TLC Casino Enterprises it looks like the chances for a Binions revival are greater than ever. In your opinion, what does TLC need to do to bring Binions back from almost death.

NC: I won't presume to tell Mr. Caudill how to run his business. He knows what he needs to do better than I. First, we all know that he needs to dump some money in the place to stop the slide. What the next step is, I don't know, but for the first time Binion's will have someone in charge who is (a) on site, who (b) knows the downtown market, and (c) understands that improvements that cost money need to be made. This is the most optimistic I've been about the place since the 90s. Does that mean it's out of the woods? Unfortunately not, but it's still good news.

VT: Any other new news on your front?

NC: Well, since I've got a captive audience, I figure I might as well put in a rare plug for myself. Acclaimed poker author Russ Fox and I have collaborated on a new poker book, titled Winning Strategies for No-Limit Hold'em, which should be available as this comes out. The book focuses on no-limit hold'em cash games and intentionally tries to cover some topics in depth that aren't given a lot of space in other books. Those readers of yours who also play poker may want to check it out.

VT: No doubt we will, anyone who reads poker books is probably well aware of the depth of your knowledge and has read tons of your reviews of the bajillion poker books out there. Thanks again Nick for taking the time to chat with us, and we'll see you again next year!

NC: Likewise, it's always fun. I hope you and your readers have a great year.

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