Nick's Picks 2008 : Interview With Nick Christenson from Las Vegas Casino Death Watch

Turn your head and cough Las Vegas, the Doctor is In

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VT: Moving downtown, the Golden Nugget's renovation is almost complete. How'd Landry's do?

NC: Not bad. I've looked at some stuff in the new wing and it looks okay. The GN is still the jewel of downtown. Is it enough to lure people down there from the Strip? No. Is it enough to lure the regulars from the El Cortez down there? It's probably enough to scare them off. Is it enough to get me to go in there? Yeah, sure.

Plaza Downtown Las Vegas

VT: The Plaza is engaged in a lawsuit with the other Plaza. How would you rule Honorable Justice Deathwatch?

NC: Well, I'm no lawyer, but as I understand it, one of the criteria courts use to determine if there is a trademark violation is if one place could honestly be mistaken for another. Right now, the amount of dirt and broken glass in the lobby of the Old Plaza is about comparable to what you find at the New Plaza. Of course, construction hasn't started at the New Plaza site. Once that happens I expect it to be easier to tell the two places apart.

What I can't understand is why the New Plaza folks would want to risk someone calling for reservations and getting the Old Plaza instead. After all, the "Old Plaza" smell doesn't make it through my phone. (At least it doesn't come through my new phone, that's why I got rid of the old one.) If I were the Old Plaza, after the New Plaza opened, I'd tell everyone who called that my room rates were $389/night. If the caller responded with, "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?" then I'd know that they were one of our regulars, and I'd have my operators say, "Oh, sorry, I meant $39." On the other hand, if they don't get any complaints, hey, a sale's a sale.

VT: Do you think owners Tamares Group would sell the name? Aren't they going to blow this place up anyways?

NC: Of course they'd sell the name. For 10 million dollars they'd give up the name and agree to call the place, "You'd Rather Be Staying at the Western".

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