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New Frontier Deconstruction

VT: The New Frontier is currently being carted to a landfill. After nearly 10 years of Ruffin playing footsie with San Francisco, Switzerland and selling, he finally got his asking price and sold to Elad Properties, who plan on building a replica of New York City's Plaza Hotel on the site. Do you have any thoughts about the recently departed New Frontier?

NC: Good riddance.

I have fond feelings for many of the now departed Las Vegas resorts, even those whose time had clearly come and gone. I just don't have the same feelings for the New Frontier. I never thought much of the food there, during my time in Las Vegas it wasn't known for good entertainment. Really, its lasting legacy was the site of the longest labor strike in the United States.

VT: Does the Tropicana have a shot at eclipsing this record?

NC: Nah, I doubt Columbia Sussex will own the property that long.

VT: Elad released renderings of their planned Las Vegas Plaza Hotel, which didn't impress neighbor Steve Wynn too much. What are the chances of a 'hotel-themed hotel' finding success in this age when the entire concept of 'themed' resorts is on the outs?

NC: I think that's a good question. It seems to me that one of the reasons for theming the Las Vegas hotels in the early days was so that we can tell them apart. Now that we're doing away with the themes, what is it that will let me tell the difference between the Fancy Plaza (as opposed to the downtown Plaza), the Cosmopolitan, the Palazzo, Encore, and the various City Center and Echelon places? I don't know. This is why I think eventually theming will come back.

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