VegasEats : 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail at the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino

72 Shrimp + 99 cents = The Best Deal in Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster

Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas Shrimp Cocktail

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino - formerly known as Hotel Nevada and Sal Segav (Las Vegas spelled backwards) - celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. It is the oldest, and some would say the best, hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Built on property purchased at land auction for $1,750, the Golden Gate predates the presence of paved roads in Las Vegas. The first telephone ever installed in Las Vegas was at the Golden Gate - dial 1.

Forty one years after its opening, the newly renamed Golden Gate serves the first shrimp cocktail - striking fear in the hearts of crustaceans everywhere. In 1991, the Golden Gate served its 25 millionth shrimp cocktail.

With such a ringing endorsement of the Golden Gate's cocktail, one might consider trying this Las Vegas delicacy to be a no brainer. True. A price point of 99 cents, on the other hand, makes one question the quality of the shrimp and weigh its virtues with the potential for food poisoning.

I guess there's only one way to find out.

CM:"I'll take one of your famous shrimp cocktails please."

GG Employee #1: "How many shrimp would you like?"

CM: "However many you normally put in a cup is fine."

GG Employee #2: (Laughing) "There are 72 shrimp in each cocktail."

CM: "Seriously, you count them?"

GG Employee #2: "No, we don't." (continues laughing jovially).

GG Employee #1: (handing me the glass) "That will be $1.09."
Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas Shrimp Cocktail

I dug out two bucks from my wallet, he gave me .81 cents change which I threw into the tip jar. I grabbed forks and napkins for VT posse photographer/layout design genius td and myself then settled in at one of the wall mounted tables near the bar.

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well, we've got video of the both of us taking the Golden Gate's shrimp cocktail for a test drive.

I was worried that the shrimp would be rubbery and prawn-like, but they were fresh, ice cold and melted in your mouth. Both TD and I were pretty shocked and demolished the rest of the glass shortly thereafter.

If you're down on your luck, on a tight budget, or just want to snag a quick and tasty blast of protein, the Golden Gate shrimp cocktail is undoubtably one of the best value deals in all of Las Vegas.

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I haven't had one of those in 12 years, the last and only time I stayed at the Gate. Glad to hear they are still good!

PS Love the omlette hat Chuck!

it's amazing the amount of comments i get about that hat. some drunk guy on fremont street asked me why i killed big bird, others just stared at me like i was nuts. its a good hat. it's warm and looks like scrambled eggs, whats not to like.

Ahhh, the Gate, the hotel that broke my Vegas cherry, with Donnymac's help. And yes the shrimp was good when we were there last (and D-Mac, it's more like 15yrs - I think - wow we're gettin old). The "hat" Chuck, I reserve comment till I let it sink in for a while, keep checkin if inspiration strikes, I'm all over it!

These are a ritual for me, my Brother and my Dad every year when we take our annual trip to Vegas. The .99c shrimp cocktail is a must. Honestly speaking, they're pretty damn good. For $7.00 you can get more shrimp cocktail then you'd ever want to eat.



That's a great video! I can't wait to try it out later next month. It makes me think of the gastronomical suicide I regularly engage in at Mermaids, with a hot dog from Nathan's that's washed down by a bowl of deep-fried twinkies and oreos! The last time I gorged there -- I truly thought death was only moments away! But after a quick "evacuation," I felt a lot better!

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