How the House Bets: Presidential Campaign Contributions by Casino Executives

If You Show Me The Money, I'll Show You The Winner

Posted by Chuckmonster

Las Vegas Sands Corp:

Las Vegas Sands Corporation Chairman Sheldon Adelson is a noted Republican who donates a lot of money to various ultra conservative causes. Both he and his wife, and all of the top executives I could find a listing for are all solidly in the red column, supporting Rudy Giuliani.

Sheldon Adelson (Chairman)
  Rudy Giuliani (R) $2,300
Miriam Adelson (Wife of Sheldon)
  Rudy Giuliani (R) $2,300
William Weidner (President)
  Rudy Giuliani (R) $4,600
Robert Rozek (CFO)
  Rudy Giuliani (R) $500


MGMMirage majority stockholder Kirk Kerkorian has spread his money across both parties, but CEO Terry Lanni is a solid McCain supporter (kicking in max donations through his wife and two sons). A large percentage of Terry's executive staff show solid support for McCain as well, with free thinking Jim Murren (Lanni's probable successor) being the major exception.

Kirk Kerkorian (Majority Stockholder)
  Joe Biden (D) $4,600
  John McCain (R) $6,900
  Bill Richardson (D) $1,000
J. Terrence Lanni (Chairman, CEO)
  John McCain (R) $6,900
Deborah Lanni (wife of Terry)
  John McCain (R) $6,900
Sean Lanni (son of Terry and Deborah)
  John McCain (R) $6,900
Patrick Lanni (son of Terry and Deborah)
  John McCain (R) $6,900
Jim Murren (President, COO)
  John Edwards (D) $2,300
  Bill Richardson (D) $4,600
  Hilary Clinton (D) $2,300
  John McCain (R) $2,300
Bob Moon (President MGM Macau)
  John McCain (R) $4,600
Felix Rappaport (President, LuXor)
  Bill Richardson (D) $2,300
Bobby Baldwin (CDCO, President & CEO, CityCenter)
  John McCain (R) $2,300

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Very interesting Chuck. I am suprised about how much the Gaming Industry hates Obama..... is he Anti Gaming or is it something else they dont like????

it's only barely related to gambling/betting, but fun anyway, Slate has been tracking the political futures/prediction market:

as they say, why vote when you can bet? :)

Very interesting read Chuck. Just to add to the list, the Maloof brothers seem to be solidly behind Hilary, with each of the brothers contributing $2,300 to her campaign.

The reason why Barack Obama and John Edwards don't have donations from casino bosses is not because of lack of support, its that they don't accept donations from Corporate Political Action committees or corporate executives.

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