How the House Bets: Presidential Campaign Contributions by Casino Executives

If You Show Me The Money, I'll Show You The Winner

Posted by Chuckmonster

The relationship between Presidential contenders and the deep pockets of the gaming industry goes back to the days when the mob ran Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra was a stalwart campaigner for John F. Kennedy, and some say that it was Frank's delivery of mob cash and ballot support in Nevada that drove Kennedy past Republican challenger Richard Nixon in 1960.

With the help of public records freely available via numerous database engines on the internet (we used, I've cobbled together a listing of Presidential candidate donations by some of the top executives in the gaming industry today. It's is striking when looking at the numbers, how many of the executives who work together contribute to the same candidates. Are these lock step candidate donations the case of underlings doing biddings for their bosses? Or could this just be the result of sociological dynamics of corporate culture and hiring practices.

When available, or pertinent I've added immediate family members to the mix, as having a son or daughter or three can skirt around individual campaign contribution limits and throw further support to Mom and Dad's favorite candidate.

Some notable names weren't found when searching the database, particularly noted Republican stumper Wayne Newton, Fontainebleau Resorts CEO Glenn Schaeffer, Boyd Gaming Chairman William Boyd, Entertainer Danny Gans, Carrot Top (Scott Thompson), Paris Hilton and others.

We've got more campaign coverage coming including our 'Presidential Sportsbook' with odds for the various primary races. Exciting!

Wynn Resorts:

Elaine Wynn is an organizer for the Obama campaign, but the cash from the Wynn family is going to Joe Biden.

Steve Wynn (CEO)
  Joe Biden (D) $4,600
Elaine Wynn (Wife of Steve)
  Joe Biden (D) $4,600
Kevyn Wynn (Daughter of Steve & Elaine)
  Joe Biden (D) $2,300
Kenneth Wynn (Brother of Steve)
  Hilary Clinton (D) $3,000
Jack Binion (former Director)
  John McCain (R) $2,300
Phyllis Binion (wife of Jack)
  John McCain (R) $2,300

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Very interesting Chuck. I am suprised about how much the Gaming Industry hates Obama..... is he Anti Gaming or is it something else they dont like????

it's only barely related to gambling/betting, but fun anyway, Slate has been tracking the political futures/prediction market:

as they say, why vote when you can bet? :)

Very interesting read Chuck. Just to add to the list, the Maloof brothers seem to be solidly behind Hilary, with each of the brothers contributing $2,300 to her campaign.

The reason why Barack Obama and John Edwards don't have donations from casino bosses is not because of lack of support, its that they don't accept donations from Corporate Political Action committees or corporate executives.

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