Hard Rock Hotel Casino Las Vegas - The VegasTripping Review 2007

Partying By Hostage Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Posted by Chuckmonster

Hard Rock Las Vegas Review 2007

The name Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is, in the Las Vegas lexicon, synonymous with party. Err... at least it was. With the rise of ultralounges, nightclubs and bottle service in the last few years, the Hard Rock's well worn mantle of being the epicenter for sex drugs and rock and roll Vegas throwdowns has faded. Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, Hard Rock creator Peter Morton unloaded all of his casino assets, including the Las Vegas outpost to Morgans Hotel Group (all operations west of the Mississippi) and the Seminole Tribe (operations east of the Mississippi).

We were extremely surprised when we found out that a local Los Angeles blog, LAist was having a contest for its readers that included one night at the Hard Rock, a $25 gift certificate to Pink Taco and two tickets to see heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne perform at The Joint. As fate would have it, we won, and an email from Hard Rock's marketing department arrived with all the pertinent details a day or two later. If there's one thing better than going to Vegas, it's going to Vegas for a comped room, food and show.

We arrived at the Hard Rock in the middle of the afternoon on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a notoriously quiet weekend in Vegas. After spending a minute on line at reception, the attendant bumped us over to VIP check in, where we ended up standing on line (in an empty room) for about 5 minutes. Why she didn't just deal with us there is beyond me. We're here... we've already stood on line... just check us in. Fortunately, VIP check-in room features a lemonade dispenser, complimentary pastries and walls lined with top tier items of rock and roll memorabilia including an original 5 panel drawing by John Lennon... sweet. After dealing with the check-in we spilled out into the circular casino/lobby/promenade and looked around cluelessly to find the hotel elevators. We circled to the right, then back to the left, then back right, then down the hallway towards the parking garage, then back into the casino on a mad search for the hotel elevators. Eventually we found them over by the entrance to the pool hit "4" and headed up to the room.

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great informative review as always. Did you have any view from the 4th floor? How was the casino? Did it have the cool vibe that it used to have? Thinking about heading there for a night this weekend is it still worth the trip or should I just head to Casino Royale? ;-)

The view was pretty much the roof and the lighting rigs that color the outside of the building. Other than the occasional low flying airplane coming into McCarran and the Ozzy fan next door hacking loogies on the lighting mechanisms... not much to see. If I were planning on 'doing the Hard Rock for reals', I'd request/demand/pay extra for a poolside view, which I'm sure is amazing when Rehab's poolside orgy is in full steam. The casino was generally quiet... US Thanksgiving = Empty Vegas. Again, when Rehab is rolling during the Summer, this place is rocking. If I were you, I'd wait until summer... unless you want to avoid the crowds.

That's a great review -- and very timely for us. I'm in the process of planning the January/February trip and had a somewhat decent promotion from the Hard Rock (about the same as I get for MGM) -- but after your review -- I'll stick to the strip at the MGM and get my 50 bucks in free chips and two foods comps instead of trekking over the not-so-Hard Rock! Excellent review.

Great review. In addition to the digital camera's absence, it appears that the copy of "Position of the Day" is missing from the minibar. We stayed on the 9th floor on our visit, so we can't be responsible.

sad to see such beat up rooms :( i've had fun in the past at the casino, and found the dealers very friendly and the atmosphere great. it was a regular stop in my NAB convention goin days. but the casino is very small, and it's out of the way. an empty hard rock casino floor is definitely not fun...

Chuck forgot to mention the fact that we were denied valet parking on the night of the Ozzy show. Apparently they were full, and would not take us even thought the sign said 'hotel guests only'.

We wanted to avoid the self parking due to the long line of cars back up at the entrance of the lot - due to the Ozzy show.

Very, freaking lame.

Also lame: the clear view/sound of the flight path.

While HR's rooms are worn, I dont think there is a hipper place for young 20-30 year olds, and I include The Palms.
You can usually get a decent room rate for HR and Body English is one of the Best Clubs in Vegas IMO along with JET, TRYST and TAO. They pack Pure at Caesars way too much for anyone to enjoy themselves IMO.
It's not a posh place for married folks but for young single folks looking to get laid it's THE spot.

HRH used to be a cool place for us old (boomer) rockers to visit and gamble. Very good drinks and truly pretty and competent waitresses and good food at Lucky's; we tipped well. Sad that the rooms aren't up to snuff. The casino is small, but was classy. Someone needs to clean the place up, expand, and maybe modernize it a bit. Don't let the memorabilia collection get sold off, either, just add stuff from newer groups.

The HRH set the bar in Las Vegas for contemporary styling in a hip, party atmosphere in the 90's. Unfortunately, many hotels followed and have now done it better. Red Rock for example. The Hard Rock Hotel is outdated and can only live on it's reputation for so long. It's in dire need of reinventing itself. As a die hard Vegas fan, I used to always pop into the Hard Rock just to see what was going on and do a little gambling. Mr. Lucky's is still a great place to get a 24 hour meal and the "not on the menu" surf and turf special is still outstanding. That aside, I'd never stay there for all the reasons that were outlined in this review. If you don't pay attention to me, the customer, then I'll find one of 10's of other hotels/casinos that value my patronage. Get it together HRH.

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