Vegas Eats: Pink Taco at Hard Rock Vegas

With a name like this, it better be good...

Posted by Miss Monkay

Pink Taco Hard Rock Las Vegas Chicken Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad, correctly attributed with it's Tijuanan lineage in the menu, was fantastic with the grilled chicken. The chicken was truly the most tender I have ever had. I barely had to chew as it seemed to melt in my mouth. It was paired well with the crisp romaine lettuce and stood up to the tangy, garlicky dressing. Chuck's eyes popped out of his head when he got a massive dose of salty anchovies in the dressing.

Pink Taco Hard Rock Las Vegas - The Pink Taco

We also decided to order the 'namesake' of the restaurant, the Pink Tacos; grilled chicken tacos, filled with pickled pink onions and refried beans. However, while the menu online says that they are served with pink tortillas, our menu in-house did not, nor did we get them. Why they are called Pink Tacos is a mystery, really.

The tacos were okay. They did not taste bad, nor even average (meaning rather good), but there seemed to be something missing. Something of a 'bottom' to the taste, if you will. Everything had a very light flavor to it subsequently leaving a slight vacuum of flavor. Unfortunate, but not ruinous on any level.

We opted out of dessert this time around, but did partake of some coffee, which was good. It was not of the 'brown water' variety, which has been unfortunately common for us of late.

The wait staff was very attentive, making sure we never saw the bottom of our drink glasses and checking on us frequently.

In the end, I had to eat my words. Whether or not Harry Morton is truthful when he says the name is not meant to have any connotations, it does provoke a strong response. The old saying goes, 'There is no such thing as bad press', and yes, I guess the fact that I have even heard of the joint was good for business. However, serving up good food is better.

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Comments & Discussion

Thanks for the review Ms Monkay. How does the Taco compare with Gonzalez y Gonzales at NYNY or Border Grille at Mandalay? (If you have eaten at either).

Never have eaten at either of those joints. Being that we get excellent Mexican food over in our neck of the woods, I never have the urge for it in Vegas.

i thought pink taco @ hard rock was a little overpriced. and i think the review nailed the slightly empty taste of the food. donny, border grill appears to be the same as the one in santa monica, ca where i worked for many years. whilst i wasn't ever a huge fan of the food there (the happy hour was awesome value though), i'd go to border grill for the cochinita pibil 18 times to pink taco 1 time. that's right 18 to 1. and that shall be the case here in LA where we now have both.

Every time I eat at the Pink Taco I ask myself why I just wasted my time eating here when there are a gagillion other great places to eat in Las Vegas. Food = bland, wait staff = inattentive . Would much rather eat at Mr. Lucky's if I'm going for fast food slop at HRH.

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