Vegas Eats: Pink Taco at Hard Rock Vegas

With a name like this, it better be good...

Posted by Miss Monkay

Pink Taco at Hard Rock Las Vegas Photos Review

Odd. It seems that my preconceived ideas about things can be wrong. Go figure. See, the first time I ever heard the name 'Pink Taco' I decided that the joint was disgusting, that I would never eat there and that the food wasn't even close to being tasty.

Well, this weekend the fine folks at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and proved me wrong.

Pink Taco is actually.... good.

Credit goes, however, to Pink Taco founder Harry Morton, heir to restaurant legacy that accompanies the name. A 'Morton' (Harry's dad, Peter) co-founded the Hard Rock Cafe and founded the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, another (Arnie, Harry's grandpa) began Morton's steakhouse chain and yet another (Michael, Harry's uncle) fronts the N9NE Group, which runs various joints at the Hard Rock's rival for the party scenester dollars, Palms. Point is, Harry has certainly picked up a few things growing up.

Pink Taco's cringe-worthy name launched a pubic and media outcry when Scottsdale Arizona mayor Mary Manross declared it to be offensive. Mere mention of Pink Taco, a euphemism for you-know-what, induces eye rolling every time I hear it.

However, when an offer for a free meal at the Pink Taco landed in my cash-strapped lap, I found it hard to stay on my high horse. 'Broke is as broke does', as my mamma always said. I guess we're going to eat some Pink.

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Comments & Discussion

Thanks for the review Ms Monkay. How does the Taco compare with Gonzalez y Gonzales at NYNY or Border Grille at Mandalay? (If you have eaten at either).

Never have eaten at either of those joints. Being that we get excellent Mexican food over in our neck of the woods, I never have the urge for it in Vegas.

i thought pink taco @ hard rock was a little overpriced. and i think the review nailed the slightly empty taste of the food. donny, border grill appears to be the same as the one in santa monica, ca where i worked for many years. whilst i wasn't ever a huge fan of the food there (the happy hour was awesome value though), i'd go to border grill for the cochinita pibil 18 times to pink taco 1 time. that's right 18 to 1. and that shall be the case here in LA where we now have both.

Every time I eat at the Pink Taco I ask myself why I just wasted my time eating here when there are a gagillion other great places to eat in Las Vegas. Food = bland, wait staff = inattentive . Would much rather eat at Mr. Lucky's if I'm going for fast food slop at HRH.

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