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Talkin' Shop With Future Vegas' Amerigo Vespucci

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VT: What would you say the order would be for knocking these buildings down?

MA: I would say that since the Flamingo is going through a lot of renovation, they're probably not planning on blowing her up any time soon. The Flamingo is a good solid structure and a lot of it was built not terribly long ago. I think the latest remodel was in 1988, but I'm not sure of the exact date. The Flamingo is here to stay for a while, and I imagine they will retrofit their rooms to be those "Go Rooms" which are so cool. As for Harrah's itself, the back building is fine for now. I really think the Imperial Palace will probably be the first to go, but I don't see them building a new resort on the Imperial Palace's lot. I see them expanding both Flamingo and Harrah's to meet in the middle so it's one big long continuous space, one large casino.

With Ballys they say they want to blow up the back building, the oldest, one where the fire was originally, but keep the front building. Re-skin the front building, build a new bulding in the back, bring the casino right out to Las Vegas Boulevard and re-badge it Horseshoe. I imagine Bill's will go, it doesn't make sense to keep it. Expand the Flamingo right out to the corner and, if it were me, bridge the entire building right across Flamingo road into the Horseshoe...

VT: Reno Style!

MA: Yeah, Reno style. You could wander right into what will be Horseshoe without even knowing...

VT: No going outside, no escalators, no getting run over...

MA: Exactly! I've actually realized this entire thing in Sketch Up. I've got a very big Sketch Up model showing what I'd do with Horseshoe. It would be sort of like a Colorado mountain lodge, which is kinda cowboy but sophisticated and luxurious at the same time. Very Frank Lloyd Wright cantilevered roofs, lots of limestone and wood. It would be terraced back with clubs and restaurants all of which would have Bellagio fountain views. [Horseshoe] might as well capitalize on Bellagio's fountains and put something fabulous there. I've toyed with the idea of putting my plans on the site - the "If It We're Up To Me" page. I'm trying to get them into the hands of the actual planners so I don't think I want to reveal too much.

VT: Have you thought about entering the architectural field?

MA: An imagineer is where I would like to be within an architectural firm. I would like to come up with a concept, the overall look, the overall idea, and let the architects worry about bringing it to life. To dumb it down, that's their job. "Well, you can't put a column here because..." Let them take care of the math and let me come up with the concepts and ideas. Absolutely, that's where I would like to end up.

VT: Are you planning on moving to Las Vegas?

MA: I'm thinking about it. I don't want to become jaded to it. I don't want to dislike where I live. I enjoy an urban lifestyle, I walk to the grocery store every day. [Where I live] isn't exactly urban, but it isn't suburban either. The urban life in Vegas is currently bleak. Downtown Vegas, in 10 years, might be a very cool place to live, but not until people are living there will this happen. Starbucks and Borders Books won't put stores in for the crack whores... (laughs) ...and the investors that don't live in the condos that they purchase. I don't want a suburban lifestyle either, and those the only nice places to live in Vegas... Summerlin or the outskirts. I don't want to live in a place where you have to hop in the car to get a pack of smokes.

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thank you for the interview - i actually found this site thru vegasTAT when they won the trippie award last year, and i go to both sites daily. it was very interesting to see that MGMMirage was against the renderings, but it didn's surprise me. Mr Adams is doing a wonderful job over there.

you're very welcome. mr. adams is smart as a whip and unbelievably creative...

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