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VT: Other than the big two, what of the other resorts on the strip do you find to be most fascinating?

MA: The most fascinating, hands down, has got to be Cosmopolitan. To squeeze a 3,000 room into 9 acres...

VT: Into the Barbary Coast?

MA: It's only twice the size of Barbary Coast's land, the BC is 4 acres and Cosmopolitan is 9.

VT: The extra five acres are underground, right?

MA: (Laughs) It's fascinating that they can squeeze it in there. The interior renderings of the mall alone are pretty stunning. I think it's going to be a cool place, and so close to City Center that it's just a quick stroll over the bridge and you're there. It's a prime location and I think it's going to be extremely successful.

Echelon Place, I'm also anticipating something really wonderful. I think it's going to be smartly designed. The renderings don't look as fabulous as others, but its materials, the exterior of the building, is going to be [constructed with] unusual materials. It's not going to be a sheet of glass. I think you're going to see a lot of very interesting details in the building. Although the actual layout of the building is ordinary - you walk into a 'mall' and end up in a 'casino,' they've taken a lot of ideas from Wynn... where you wind through the mall to get to the casino, it's very similar. They've taken ideas from Venetian by putting the pool deck above the casino instead of wasting real estate on it and they've taken ideas from City Center by having the boutique hotels and the main resort all sharing the same casino. Original? No, certainly not original, but it's kind of a nice hybrid of all these ideas, I think it will be a nice resort.

Fontainebleau, it will be interesting to see. It's refreshing, you don't have to walk through a mall to get into the resort. All of the floor plans are on their website. All of the entrances take you right into the gut of the place. There's a zen garden, so I'm expecting a design to be more in tune with my liking, with the clean lines, zen feeling.

Planet Hollywood is turning out be interesting. Really fascinating. Beautiful design. It blew me away, I wasn't expecting it to be so nice.

VT: So what about the Plaza, what do you know?

MA: I don't know a lot about the Plaza. I only know as much as you do, from the press releases. I can't get into the ear of anybody that can tell me anything. We're all just sitting and waiting on The Plaza. When they say a 'replica' [of the Plaza Hotel in New York] they're not talking about an exact replica - they're not going to do an 'Eiffel Tower' out of it. It will have elements, more than likely, of the original 100 year old Plaza in New York, but I see a more modern treatment. I can't see them doing a replicating that. The Plaza in New York is an 800 room hotel, they're talking 4,000.

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thank you for the interview - i actually found this site thru vegasTAT when they won the trippie award last year, and i go to both sites daily. it was very interesting to see that MGMMirage was against the renderings, but it didn's surprise me. Mr Adams is doing a wonderful job over there.

you're very welcome. mr. adams is smart as a whip and unbelievably creative...

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