VegasTripping Interview With Mark Adams from Vegas Today and Tomorrow

Talkin' Shop With Future Vegas' Amerigo Vespucci

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VT: With the use of these images from architects, construction companies, designers and the corporations that commission them, you probably get into a degree of hot water.

MA: Actually, no I dont. There's been only one instance where I've received a Cease and Desist, and that was with the 3,000 lb elephant MGMMirage. This is free advertising. Whenever I put up a page for a project and include artist renderings, the project is delighted because my website gets more hits then theirs does. I'm a great sales tool for these folks. I'm going to capitalize on that soon too, I have some plans on how to monetize that aspect of the site. The site is rising in the ranks of popular websites so it's real estate is now more valuable than when it started it of course. I was putting up a page for any project, and not charging the project for it. It's a little different now. If a project approaches me and wants me to put up a page for it, I have a price attached to it. Everybody else is grandfathered in. Unless it's a major major project.

VT: You're not going to omit Encore or some other golf course related project at Wynn...

MA: NO! (laughs) Or the Plaza... or anything large that is happening on the strip. But if a three story condoplex in Summerlin wants a page, they're welcome to one as long as they foot the bill for it.

As far as images go, all of the images I've got on my site are either from a major developer, or an architect firm. Most of the construction photos on the site are either taken by myself on frequent visits or donated by fans. I get email everyday with photos attached. 'Hey, I was on the strip' 'we went to Vegas last week', 'love your site, here's some new photos Fontainebleau' 'here's some new photos of Wynn.' All they want to see is their name in the credit of the photo and they're like 'lookit, my photo is on VegasTodayandTomorrow, its so cool.' It's wonderful because I get this barrage of photos. I also have a some inside people working around Las Vegas that frequently give me photos, people that live there. A lot of my photos come to me with blessings, which is wonderful.

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thank you for the interview - i actually found this site thru vegasTAT when they won the trippie award last year, and i go to both sites daily. it was very interesting to see that MGMMirage was against the renderings, but it didn's surprise me. Mr Adams is doing a wonderful job over there.

you're very welcome. mr. adams is smart as a whip and unbelievably creative...

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