One Wedding, Please. Supersized: A Woman's Account of Her Las Vegas Drive-Thru Nuptials

Starting The Rest of Your Life With The One You Love - To Go

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Las Vegas Drive Through Wedding - You may kiss the bride

After the ceremony, their photographer was sent out to meet us, and he guided us through all the traditional wedding poses - ridiculous, of course, given our plainclothes and setting. Now, here's where a bit of hustling came into play. For the photos on CD Rom included in our package, he used a regular, run-of-the-mill digital camera and only took photos of us sitting in the car. For the posed photos (which we had to purchase for extra money from his site online) he pulled out the big guns - one of those professional grade numbers with big lenses, a detachable flash, etc. At the time I'm writing this, those "professional" photos won't be online for until another two days, so I'm not sure if they'll be worth plunking down the extra cash for. As it stands, I'm perfectly happy with the misframed and blurry shots we took on our own, as they adequately and realistically document our unforgettable night in all its kitsch glory.

Las Vegas Drive Through Wedding - Newlyweds on Board

So what's the best part of the whole experience, save the bit about marrying the man of my dreams? Easy. The fact that we drove away laughing, stress-free and with lots of moolah to spare for our wedding dinner afterward which, incidentally, was not ordered to go.

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I love it! Weddings are completely out of control these days. Congrats to you guys for putting love first!!

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