One Wedding, Please. Supersized: A Woman's Account of Her Las Vegas Drive-Thru Nuptials

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The Special Day

Drive Through Wedding - WindowFrom the moment you park your car downtown you fall prey to the Las Vegas wedding salesmen - limo-driving, pamphlet-toting fast talkers insisting that the chapel you previously booked (or are thinking of visiting) is undoubtedly the wrong one, so thank your lucky stars that they are here and ready to whisk you away to a cheaper yet classier chapel arranged specially for you by the gods of fate. We managed to politely brush them aside and get ourselves into the Marriage License Bureau where everything moved like clockwork. Our pre-filled forms were handed in, picture IDs presented, $55 paid, and we walked out with our license. There was no wait to speak of and the guy behind the window was as friendly as can be.

Las Vegas Drive Through Wedding - Drive Up Chapel

We decided to book a night-time ceremony, partly because we wanted enough time to drive in from L.A. without having to rush, but mainly because Las Vegas, as everyone knows, doesn't really come alive until the sun goes down - and how could we not have that flickering neon drive-thru sign in our wedding pictures?

Las Vegas Drive Through Wedding - With these rings...

We drove up to the window about five minutes in advance of our scheduled time, so had to wait while they prepared for us. Through the window, we were greeted by a girl bearing a smile and sunny disposition who ended up serving as our witness. She handed me my bouquet which turned out to be carnations instead of roses as the menu had stated - a switcheroo that probably would've upset me had I been a stickler. Fortunately, I'm not. And if there's one thing I can assuredly state about the drive-thru wedding experience - it runs a bit loosey-goosey, so Bridezillas need not apply.

My future husband and I used the wait time to snap photos of each other in the car. We knew that photos were included in the package, but it turns out that none were actually taken by them during the ceremony itself - the couple themselves are responsible for those and we hadn't brought any guests along to lend a hand. But what the hey, we took our own photos and it all ended up part of the DIY fun. They handed us our car decor items, a souvenir wedding certificate holder, and since they'd run out of license plate frames, substituted it for a blue garter (my "something blue"). We quickly took care of the paperwork and fee payments, and in less than 10 minutes, we were good to go.

Our minister, Reverend Marie, was an attractive woman whose soothing voice bore an accent I couldn't quite place. She asked if we'd like music, to which we replied, "sure." She pressed play on a CD player, and through a small speaker upon the counter came the first familiar notes of Wagner's Bridal March. The giggles at this point were hard to suppress. Despite the apparent cheese factor, the ceremony was eloquently delivered, the vows (recited to each other in unison) were traditional and sincere - and the whole thing went off without a hitch.

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I love it! Weddings are completely out of control these days. Congrats to you guys for putting love first!!

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