One Wedding, Please. Supersized: A Woman's Account of Her Las Vegas Drive-Thru Nuptials

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My little sister got married two years ago, and oh what an extravagant bash it was. Gorgeous hotel on Long Beach harbor. Custom gowns for the bridal party. The whole shebang. Of course, the couple are still paying the tab to this day.

If you, like me, are quite happy to forego the fanfare in order to: 1) save a buck 2) take the path of most convenience 3) avoid being thrust into an unforgiving spotlight 4) enjoy a novel experience rife with kitsch - then have I got an option for you: a Las Vegas drive-thru wedding! Three days ago, my husband and I did just this, and we couldn't be happier with the experience.

Las Vegas Drive Through Wedding Chapel - Drive Up Wedding

Total Planning Time: 2 Weeks

We'd been dating for 3 years, engaged for about 4 months, and then decided that October 7th would be our day for no other reason than "why not?" Two weeks in advance of the big day, we booked one night at the Venetian (we didn't want to take more than a day off work) - splurging on a fancy schmancy suite since our wedding ceremony was going to cost next to nothing.

Online Prep Work: 20 Minutes

Since convenience was the name of the game, I researched to see if I could fill out forms/book a chapel reservation in advance of the trip - all from the comfort of my iMac. This proved to be as easy as pie. After a quick and painless Google search, I downloaded the Marriage License application PDF from the Clark County, NV Website which took all of 2 minutes to fill out.

The online search for a drive-thru chapel was also easy. I'm sure I could have shopped around a bit, but I chose the easiest route-I picked the first link that popped up in the search results. I was taken to - a site which lists a directory of Las Vegas chapels and an online form to book your date. Finding a chapel via this site is a service that they (sneakily) end up charging you for, so I could've saved a buck had I booked with the chapel directly. Did I shop smart? Maybe not, but it worked a treat in the end and I can wholeheartedly recommend A Special Memory Chapel to anyone considering a drive-thru wedding. I filled in the online form, charging the required $55 deposit to my Visa card and within 24 hours, I was sent a confirmation email requesting that I call the chapel in order to give them my color preference for the rose bouquet - which I did. Seriously folks, it couldn't be any easier.

Drive-Thru Packages

A Special Memory Chapel offers three drive-thru packages on their "menu:" Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. No actual food is served, mind you, they're just running with a theme. You can see all package details here.

We went for the most-expensive "Dinner" package - which was the only choice listed on the Chapels in Vegas site. Now here's where we were taken a bit for a ride (no pun intended). On the Chapels in Vegas site, the package is listed at $265 (gratuity included). On the Special Memory Chapel site, it's listed as $129 + $40 suggested gratuity. When you do the math, you can see just how big a chunk the referring site is taking - so, if you can, attempt to cut out any middle men when making your reservations.

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I love it! Weddings are completely out of control these days. Congrats to you guys for putting love first!!

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