Vegas Eats: Kokomo's at Mirage Las Vegas Restaurant Review

Kokomo's is reminiscent of your average hotel buffet restaurant, but three times the price!

Posted by Mrs. Mo

Chicken Dish, Kokomo's Mirage Restaurant Review

Chuck's chicken on the other hand, was extraordinary. The menu described a roasted chicken, what we got appeared to be a chicken in a bowl covered in BBQ sauce. The bowl was reminiscent of how I have seem a many lamb shanks or another braised dish served, but never a roasted chicken. Also, we could not understand the reasoning behind covering a perfectly roasted chicken in a sweet sauce like that. It all but killed the natural flavors of the chicken.

Potato Cheese, Kokomo's Mirage Restaurant Review

The piece de resistance, however, arrived with the sides. We asked for steamed asparagus, a baked potato and twice-baked horseradish potato. The asparagus (for $7) arrived with nary a hollandaise in sight, which in the end is fine. If an asparagus is fresh enough one does not need sauce. In this case it was somewhere in the middle, but we fared fine without. However, what followed the 'gus was something of a mystery. Served in a basic bowl that one would eat cereal out of, without a bottom serving plate no less was a melted mass of bright orange cheese.

Inside The Potato, Kokomo's Mirage Restaurant Review

Under that coagulated semi-melted cheese was our horseradish potatoes. The menu did not mention any cheese in this dish and neither did it mention the bacon that was sprinkled throughout the overly horsey dish. Good thing we fall in the 'pork is good' crowd, I thought, because otherwise this could be a potential catastrophe. There is a good portion of the world who would take offense at any swine at their table.

Very, very poor showing Kokomo.

By the time we finished our meal I was feeling pretty uninspired by the food. I felt as though we had stumbled into a very expensive T.G.I.Friday's and was ready to beat it out of there without dessert. However, Chuck, knowing how much I do enjoy that course insisted we get something to have the full experience. I gave pretty quickly, truth be told. It ain't that hard to convince me on cake.

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Comments & Discussion

In the Wynn era, Kokomo's had tables in little polynesian style huts instead of being totally open to the forest. Of course the forest was also thicker then, as the logging industry had to move in and replace some perfectly good eye candy with a lounge and eventually Japonais.

We had the prime rib there. Bloody and huge, but not what I'd call good. In fact, Kokomo's was bested by some joint at Excalibur as far as that goes.

I have never heard of asparagus being shortened to 'gus. I enjoyed that.

For a hotel whose partial message was about conservation (the rest of the message was pro-gambling), it seems odd for them to have ripped out half of the rain forest. That just sounds really bad, marketing must not have been involved. "We've torn down half of the rain forest, come visit us!"

However, don't they burn down the rain forest in South America to create cattle grazing land? And what does Kokomo's serve now? Steak! Coincidence? I think not.

I would suggest Samba at the Mirage -- I've been three about three time in the last two years -- the Brazillian feast really is something to experience -- but you need to be a real meat lover --- because you will be in a meat coma after the meal!!

Unfortunately, this is overall representative of the steady fall the Mirage restaurants have encountered in the last 5 years or so. Our group has stayed at the property for the last 10 years or so and find ourselves often eating many of our meals outside of the property. Kokomo's is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Caveat Emptor.

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