Vegas Eats: Craftsteak at MGM Grand, Las Vegas Review

"Top Chef's" top chef, Tom Colicchio delivers an exquisitely delicious yet simple menu

Posted by Miss Monkay

We scrapped up everything on our plates and sat there contently until Jason offered up some coffee in a french press. Why, yes, thank you.

While we were both full of love, joy and butter, I could not pass up the opportunity to check out what the dessert offerings were. The menu had a nice array of choices, from a 'liquid chocolate cake' (never a bad choice, EVER), berry tarts and crisps, a brioche bread pudding, the standard creme brulee, chocolate souffle, strawberry shortcake, a vanilla bean cheese cake and their signature dessert, the cinnamon monkey bread. Now, if you have never had monkey bread it may sound odd, but it is basically a cinnamon roll in a different shape. Balls of dough are coated in butter, cinnamon and sugar, placed in a pan all packed in together and then baked. When it is removed from the pan you have a little tower of cinnamon balls all stuck together. You pull away a ball at a time and usually dip them in some sort of frosting. It is called Monkey bread because of the way it is consumed and not because it is made of baby apelings or something.

Craftsteak MGM Grand Review - Strawberry Shortcake

In any case, we decided to forgo Jason's advice to order the Monkey bread and the Liquid Chocolate Cake with the peanut butter ice cream (oh, did I forget to mention the list of ice creams avail? Allow me: Vanilla, Cookies N Cream, Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Caramel, Pistachio) as it sounded waaaay toooo heavy to sit atop what we just consumed. Instead we opted for the strawberry shortcake which sounded light enough yet still potentially delicious. Also, as one of the more basic items on the dessert menu, it was a good way to gauge just how well Craft does with the simple things.

Colicchiovision did not disappoint. The shortcake was a lovely dense little biscuit with a delicate semi sweet flavor. We ordered it with the vanilla ice cream which was alternated with the whipped heavy cream that sat along side the sweetened strawberries. It ended up being the perfect choice for us, but we do promise to consider Jason's recommendation on our next trip there.

Craft was a huge success, and the bar seating ended up being quite fun. It made it a more social meal, allowing us to really get a good feel for what the Craftsteak was really about. Colicchio emphasizes hospitality in his restaurants and I believe that it translated very well during our visit. We had a great time eating the best meal of our weekend, hands down. We will be returning and will even give his new joint in Los Angeles a visit as well.

The total came to somewhere between a buck 'n a-half to two-bucks. Well, well worth every single last half-penny.

Addendum: Craftsteak also offers delicious 'Scotch Flights' which offer three courses of Scotch tasting along with your meal. Each flight is specially selected to enhance the tasters understanding and palette for different types of Scotch. The prices for each Flight ranged from $20-$800. Delicious indeed.

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I love the Craft steak, and with 146 single malt scotches, fer a drunkard like me it's heaven. When we went in July, the Wine Steward (possible a Somellier) hooked me up a with a "special" scotch flight for $85, and each scotch he chose for me was worth more than that. Service, food, and great atmosphere, Craftsteak has it all (and lots and lots and lots of butter)

You guys need to try Charlie Palmer's . DEEeeeLICIOUS!!

i love the craft steak house, very intimate and very very good it was very expensive but you pay for what you get. I would go back I loved it. now that i live here in las vegas i would reccomend it in a heart beat.

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